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Welcome to the WP-ORG Healthcare Listserv

Our membership all have a common interest in health issues.

Our goal is to provide information to our members who have a need for information dealing with: a specific Disease, a Medical Procedure and/or Treatment, Champus/Tricare/Medicare/FEHBP procedures, and other medical insurance topics. We are not a substitute for a trip to the Doctor, but a source of information so you will know the right questions to ask when you get to the Doctor's office.

This information will come from the members who either have direct experience with the topic or can direct the needing member to the right location to get answers. Those who just want to be "Lurkers" are welcome, however when topics come up for which you have knowledge and/or experience, we ask you to abandon your "Lurker" status and make on-line input to all members on the Healthcare Listserv. Then feel free to return to the comfort of "Lurker" status.

As our membership grows, so will the scope of our expertise and experiences. If you know of someone within WP-ORG (any Listserv) who either has need for health information or who can provide health information, contact the Healthcare Listserv Moderator (







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