(Quill, n. (2.1)-A report for delinquency. v.To report a Cadet for a breach of regulations.) Source: Bugle Notes, 1976.

The long and disguinshed list of West Point graduates includes several gentlemen who crossed over the river virtually error free. The majority of us, however, were "written up," or "quilled," for various and sundry shortcomings. David Moniac was no exception. Interestingly, the nature of David's transgressions provide unique insight into his basic nature. I think we see in this record a young man who clearly has friends, does not mind enjoying himself, and is a bit willful.

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Extracted from Register of Delinquencies

1819 to 1822

U.S.Military Academy


Oct 29 Absent in Study hours. (This is the first of many such entries....see my last note below!)

Nov 6 In bed after morning roll call. (Not unusual for a 16 yr old....but a sin for a Cadet!)

Dec 16 Neglecting to hail the officer-of-the Day. (This is the kind of thing you only do ONCE!)


Apr 17 Absent from Tactics.

May 18 Absent in Study hours (1 extra tour of Police).

Oct 28 Absent in Study hours (Excused).

Dec 31 Absent from Tattoo. (My question is, "who wouldn't be celebrating on New Years Eve?!" Interesting entry, I wonder if young David and friends were down at the famed Benny Haven's Tavern?)


Mar 5 Absent from quarters in Study hours (1 Extra tour of Police).

Apr 14 Neglect of duty in failing to sign the Pay rolls (1Extra tour of Police). (A bit of willfulness here, and again in the next report. Apparently David and others refused to sign the Pay rolls because they the money they were due was to be turned over immediately to creditors!)

May 28 Disobedience of orders in not signing the Pay rolls (1 Extra tour of Police).

Jul 17 Absent from Drill.

Aug 27 Visiting in Study hours.

Nov 8 Visiting in Study hours.

Dec 29 Visiting in Study hours.


Feb 27 Visiting in Study hours.

Mar 17 Absent from quarters in Study hours.

May 23 Visiting in Study hours. (There are 10 such entries listed for Cadet Moniac. Clearly, he enjoyed close friendships that are a common element of the West Point experience. And he got caught on his nocturnal visits routinely....well, the Academy was smaller then! The question is "Who was he visiting?" Shortly after Major Moniac was killed in Florida, a classmate named John J. Abercrombie, from Tennessee, built a rough-hewn outpost in the Florida wilderness. He named it "Fort Moniac" in honor of his fallen classmate. From this demonstration of esteem it very well could be that Moniac and Abercrombie spent cold nights together in boyhood comraderie "mulling ale and popping corn" while avoiding the fine points of French and Engineering. "Visiting in Study hours" ......this was a man who was human through and through....and he had friends.)


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