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Welcome to the website for Company D-4, class of 1982, United States Military Academy. The purpose of this site is to disseminate and chronicle information of interest to graduates, family, and friends of the D-4 Donkeys. 

Between the years 1978 and 1982 we were Dukes and we were Donkeys but we were for all time friends and colleagues in the noblest of professions. The success of this site will be driven by the regular contributions by our classmates. I urge each and every one of you to submit news and other items of interest to the D-4 webmaster for inclusion on this site.

Visit the new page with recollections from D-4 classmates!

Read the new recollection by Tom McClellan!


USMA Class of 1982 Officers


Ellen Houlihan, President

LTC John Hill, Vice-President

LTC Ron Welch, Secretary

LTC Ritz Ryan, Treasurer

LTC Jay Jennings, Scribe/Historian





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