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USMA Class of 1968 ~ 45th Reunion

USMA Color Guard

Dear Classmate,

Our 45th Reunion is now in the books - and on this website!

From the feedback, we can say with confidence that a good time was had by all who
attended. A great welcome gathering with time to mix, mingle and reconnect with old friends, a moving Memorial Service at the Cadet Chapel, a touching Dedication Ceremony for the columbaria wall sections given by the Class in the West Point Cemetery, a Class Meeting where an array of ongoing and planned activities were discussed, a world-class Friday evening Pep Rally reminiscent of days of yore when the Cadet Mess Hall had only three wings - with a save-the-day appearance by A-Man, a double-regiment Cadet review on the Plain with '68 taking the pass-in-review, an Army football game (with a disappointing outcome - about the only downer of the weekend) or a well-catered Hudson River Cruise for those prescient regarding the outcome of the gridiron exercise, another mix-&-mingle dinner, time for many at Snuffy's with an appearance by Honorary Classmate Samuel Adams and entertainment by America's Western Sweetheart (and Bob Lorbeer's North, South East and Western Sweetheart) Belinda Gail, and a farewell brunch featuring our Class' own meandering magician Dick Steiner.

Those who attended any or all of the events recounted above and took photos can share them - with other attendees - and with those who were not able to attend by forwarding them to Megan.

The task for the reunion was to have a great time - and our 45th reunion provided another example of our Class living up to our motto - No Task Too Great for '68.

Some particulars regarding the 45th Reunion are in order for the benefit of those who were not able to attend:

Class Elections.

The Class elected the following slate of Officers and Class Standing Committee members to lead our activities during the next five years:

President: Dutch Hostler
Vice President: Dan Kaufman
Secretary: Chuck Mahan
Treasurer: Myles Crowe
Information Systems Officer: Surry Everett
Scribe/Historian: Dave Gerard
Class Standing Committee Members:
Greg Camp
Paul DeCoursey
Jess Gatlin
Dale Hansen
Larry Jordan
Pres Miller
Gordon Tillery

Electronic proxy voting allowed a significant number of classmates unable to attend the reunion to participate in the election of Class Officers and the Class Standing Committee.

The Class presented Dave Ohle an engraved gavel to commemorate his 40 years of service as our Class President, and acknowledged the contributions and service of the outgoing members of the inaugural Class Standing Committee.

50th Reunion Class Gift.

The Class vote regarding our 50th Reunion Class Gift resulted in a decision to apportion funds in the Class Gift Account, which currently has a cash equivalent balance in excess of $642K, as follows:

Fallen Graduate Memorial Scholarship Endowment - 56.68%
Cadet Activities Endowment – 26.27%
Academy Scholars Endowment – 17.06%

During the next five years, classmates can contribute to the Class Gift Account or to directly to any of the following endowment funds and have their contributions count toward the total of our 50th Reunion Class Gift:

Fallen Graduate Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Cadet Activities Endowment
Cadet Activities Sports Clubs Endowment
Academy Scholars Endowment

Paul DeCoursey will lead the fund-raising effort and will provide periodic progress reports to the Class. A key objective is to have as many classmates as possible participate in our 50th reunion Class Gift.

Class Committees.

Also for the benefit of those unable to attend the reunion - - and any who nodded off during the Class Meeting - - the committees established and the activities currently afoot


50 Year Affiliation Committee The committee organizing our participation with this program is headed by Pete Swan and Dale Hansen. The program is described on the Class Website and on AOG's website. More details will follow.

Class Book Committee Andy Shaffer is leading the effort to explore the possibility of making e-versions of Both Sides of the Wall – Volumes I and II commercially available with any proceeds going into our Class Gift Account. Andy's committee is also assessing interest in publication of a Volume III of Both Sides of the Wall in connection with our 50th Class Reunion in 2018. More details will follow.

Class Activities Committee John Hedley is chairing a committee to help coordinate and share information regarding Class activities such as "interim reunions" (between the official five year West Point reunion cycle) and mini-reunions. John is currently exploring the possibility of organizing a Class cruise on the Mediterranean. More details will follow. Henry Riser also has information regarding a possible trip to Ireland in September of 2014. If interested, contact Henry.

Class Memorial Ceremony Gordie Tillery reported briefly on the Memorial Ceremony at the National Vietnam Memorial in June of 2013, and presented a check representing the net after payment of all expenses for deposit to the Class Administrative Account.

Distinguished Graduate Committee Tony Ambrose chairs a committee whose charge is to recommend to the Class Standing Committee the names of two classmates each year for at least the next five years as nominees for recognition as Distinguished Graduates of the Military Academy, then shepherd the nominations through the administrative process of the program. Dan Kaufman and Larry Jordan have been put forward this year. More details will follow.

Memorial Articles Committee Greg Camp is leading the effort to have a memorial article prepared for each classmate who has passed on. Please contact Greg for particulars and to offer to assist.

Volunteers wishing to serve on these Class Committees should contact the chairmen. Ideas for other Committees are welcome - but plan on helping accomplish what you suggest. The Class will continue to receive periodic '68 Update emails and other electronic communications.

No Task Too Great!

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