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Overview of Class of 1958 Email Lists

58usma@west-point.org This is the "restricted" list, the list that only specified members of the class are allowed to send messages (Class President, List Moderator, Death Notices, EXCOM Chair, Vice Chair, & Secretary ).  It is the most complete list and has roughly 425 addresses. We use it for ONLY the monthly roster updates, death notifications, and important EXCOM notifications.

usma1958@west-point.org This is the "class" list, the list that was set up for the class back in 1996 and is for class of 1958 subject matter only.  This list is not for discussions like the forum.  Replies to all are not permitted and violators of these rules will have their sending privileges suspended without notification.  Turning this list into another forum would result in more people dropping off the list. This list has approximately 400 addresses. If you wish to post something on this list that does not meet the strict criterion of class of '58 business, send the message to EXCOM Chair for a decision about posting the message on this list. If approved, EXCOM Chair will post it, with a note to Pete Trainor that he approved the posting.

usma1958-forum@west-point.org This is the "forum," the wide open list.  Any subject matter is permitted and replies to all are permitted.  The only restriction is that postings should be in good taste and forego obscene language.  This list has approximately 200 addresses. The following voluntary guidelines were promulgated by the Executive Committee in December 2009:

 Class Forum Guidelines

  • Check your facts before sending a message so that responses are focused on the discussion of issues and not the correction of facts.

  • Go one-on-one with interested, responding parties after the initial round of responses to an issue.

  • Avoid personal attacks and rude behavior toward others.  Go one-on-one if you have any criticism of the sender.

  • Do not monopolize the forum by sending a large volume of messages.  Give others a chance to participate.

  • Remind violators of the above four guidelines

All the above lists are limited is size to less than 50kb.  If you have a lengthy message be advised that the size can be reduced by sending in plain text (*.txt) format.  HTML and other formats greatly add to the size of the message.  No attachments are allowed on any of the above lists.  They are automatically stripped by a program called Stripmine in order to avoid worms, viruses, and trojans which often hitchhike on attachments.  Unfortunately this also means no images will go through.  If you try to send an image you are just wasting your time and confusing your intended recipients by sending a blank message.

There is one other list that is sender restricted. That is 
reunion58@west-point.org which is for the current reunion committee to send out information regarding the upcoming reunion.  It has the same addresses as 58usma@west-point.org.

Other lists such as each company (see below), DC, PC, ski, golf, widows, wine, and stock pickers lists have their own rules established by their moderators.

All the lists are closed lists which means that only messages sent from an address on the list will go through.  If you have an email address change, let me know via email at pbtrainor@west-point.org before you try to send a message to the list from your new address.  After you receive a welcome message from each of your lists at the new address, you are good to send from that address.  If you are going on vacation and wish to drop off the forum during that time, let me know and I'll drop you until you contact me again upon your return.  Do not contact the list and ask to be removed.  I don't read every message on the forum and only respond to messages sent to me directly.

You may not post messages on any class email list with an address of anyone not on class email lists. Do it once and you'll get a warning, twice and you'll be dropped from all class email lists. We don't want anyone outside the class to get access to our email lists. 

Pete Trainor
Lists Moderator

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