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'58 Widows- Introduction
Thursday, September 06, 2018

This page has been created in the interest of offering communication and support to the widows of the Class of 1958. It is an supplement to the Class of 1958 main web site.  Support of this effort is provided by our Widows Outreach Team (WOT)

Our primary means of communication will be through the usma1958-widows email list.  Our Email list permits you to contribute your own ideas and needs and for others to communicate with you personally.  All the sharing here will be private and for widows only.

Our dedicated email list provides an opportunity to share concerns and hope with others who have similar life experiences. We hope to be able to generate ideas to make our lives today interesting and fulfilling in friendship. I appreciate all your suggestions for format, ease of communication and additional areas of interest.

Margie Downing
List Moderator                                                                      
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