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  Deceased Classmates  
Classmates KIA (by date of death) "Taps" Memorial Articles

   Richard T Lynch 10 Sep 64
*    Richard S Johnson 17 Jan 65
*    Gerald C Capelle 1 Apr 65
*    Charles S Moore 25 Apr 67
*    Merwin L Morrill 21 Aug 67
*    Lawrence M Malone 7 Jan 68
*    Floyd B Spencer 31 Jan 68
*    Ralph R Wensinger 21 Oct 68 (grad. with '59)
*    Robert E Olson 5 Feb 69
*    Lon A Spurlock, II 29 Mar 69
*    George E Hussey 4 May 70
*    Robert Degen 8 Jan 71
*    David F Nidever 30 Mar 71

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View the handout for our 2019 Memorial Service at the Wall

View  a link to our 2017 Memorial Service 'YouTube' video at the Vietnam Wall
And when our work is done,
Our course on earth is run,
May it be said,  "Well Done;
Be thou at peace."

At class minis and 5-year reunions at West Point we conducted a memorial service.  A handout containing a full list of deceased classmates and wives, by company, was issued.  The last planned handout was at the 60th reunion in April 2018. 

the handout from the 60th Reunion Memorial Service

West-Point.Org maintains a listing of our deceased classmates.  The listing is ordered initially by date of death with the most recent first.  You can change the order to alphabetical or Cullum number if desired.  Click on a name to view or post an eulogy.

the West-Point.Org "Taps" for '58

Terry Connell is the class point of contact for the notification of the AOG and of the death of a classmate.

The AOG maintains a database of memorial articles for deceased alumni. 
 On the AOG website, enter '1958' in the 'Class Year' block and click on 'Search'.  Classmates with a memorial article will have a red "
*" next to their name. 

View the AOG Memorial Article site

Bob Hayden is the class point of contact for coordinating assignment and tracking the development of memorial articles for deceased classmates. 

Link to AOG Memorial Guidelines