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    Crew-Net is a listserver linking parents and friends of the Crew Team for information exchange.   Crew-Net is open to anyone interested in academy crew, including our Naval Academy parents, family and friends.

    Compared to other lists such as parent-forum or plebe-net, Crew-Net is a low volume list.   The volume becomes high just before or after a competition.   All posts should follow the general WP.org rules for lists and Crew-Net guidelines.

    bow sweepers

    Friends of Army Crew is an informal group of individual Crew parents and Parent Organizations who provide support for Army Crew at various weekend race venues.   In past seasons, we have had active support in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Virginia.

    Our coordinator is Andrew Boyd, Parent Class of '03. If you are or your Parent Club is interested in supporting the activities of Friends of Army Crew, please contact him either on Crew-Net or directly.

    Go Army Crew!

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