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    We will serve as West Point's internet gatekeeper of sorts -- in an UNOFFICIAL CAPACITY. Our task entails the dissemination of information to a distribution list of internet email addresses globally. And the number is increasing. Several listed addresses are point-of-contacts to LOCAL CHAPTERS, such as Houston, Austin, New York, Chicago, Hawaii to name a few. If asked/requested to do so, We will be more than happy (and we highly encourage those powers-that-be) to distribute newsletters/announcements for LOCAL CHAPTERS at NO cost to them. This internet gatekeeper will utilize the electronic-mail system for most of its dealings.

    The types of information that will be handled in this forum range from periodical (monthly) distribution of newsletters, individual requests from members/local chapters, classified, announcements, job announcements/requests, etc. It is NOT the intent, goal, or purpose of this service to propagate materials of POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS, and/or SEXUAL nature. Humor in good taste should be directed to the humor list. The internet-link is intended for members to be "networked" in the literal sense of the word.

    THIS LIST IS STRICTLY FOR INFO-DISSEMINATION ONLY. Topics and/or issues of interest for the purposes of discussion, debates, support, etc. will be handled in wp-forum. Please refer to this list separately.

    In order for this service to continue to be a success and to grow, prosper, and hopefully expand, we respectfully ask the following:

    1. We kindly and periodically police ourselves.
    2. We make suggestions, kind comments, and reasonable complaints.
    3. We invite and recruit grads (and authorized guests) to join.
    4. We continue to share information -- contribute in ways of info-sharing.

    We thank you for your patronage and cooperation.

    For information, please email to <wp-info-owner@west-point.org>.

    ditus Bolanos '90 <ditus@pswtech.com>, moderator


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