Iraq War News

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Two Columns of Interest in the Sunday Washington Post -- One is from Rumsfeld on the War on Terrorism and Iraq, the other is from Gary Schmitt, Exec. Dir. of the Project for the New American Century, which is chaired by William Kristol (also of the Weekly Standard).

Rumsfeld argues for the President's traditional sense of a war on terrorism, especially that we must bring the fight to terrorists and the countries that harbor them.

Schmitt questions whether we are using a winning strategy in Iraq. Specifically:

Does the United States have the right military strategy in place to defeat what its own generals admit is an increasingly sophisticated insurgency?

Schmitt continues to state that a successful counterinsurgency campaign...
"would concentrate forces in the Sunni regions that are the hot spots. Rather than reducing the U.S. presence, it might require putting an even greater American face on the war in those places. That could mean that, in the short term, the Pentagon might have to put on hold its plans to reduce the number of troops in Iraq to lessen the burden on the Army. The Marine Corps also might need to send fresh units back into Iraq.

Thoughts anyone? -- DAN