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Walter L. Rathmacher married Mildred Aussieker.

Mildred Aussieker [Parents] married Walter L. Rathmacher.

John Fannen married Helen Aussieker.

Helen Aussieker [Parents] married John Fannen.

Gerald Henry Aussieker [Parents] married Jane Sutton.

Jane Sutton married Gerald Henry Aussieker.

They had the following children:

  M i Bradley J. Aussieker.
  M ii Jay Stanley Aussieker.

Lewis Merle Malone married Irene Aussieker.

Irene Aussieker [Parents] married Lewis Merle Malone.

Other marriages:
Sadowski, Adam

Adam Sadowski married Irene Aussieker.

Irene Aussieker [Parents] married Adam Sadowski.

Other marriages:
Malone, Lewis Merle

Gail Antone Wolff married Ruth Aussieker.

Ruth Aussieker [Parents] was born 1 Mar 1914. She died 29 Aug 1968. Ruth Aussieker married Gail Antone Wolff.

Curtis Dee Curtis married Dorothy Aussieker.

Dorothy Aussieker [Parents] married Curtis Dee Curtis.

Louis William Aussieker [Parents] was born 31 Mar 1922. He died 13 Jun 1997. Louis William Aussieker married Dorothy Jones on 18 Jul 1942.

Dorothy Jones was born 14 Mar 1925. He died 4 May 1996. Dorothy Jones married Louis William Aussieker on 18 Jul 1942.

They had the following children:

  M i James Allen Aussieker.
  M ii Michael Louis Aussieker.

Frank Brendt married Myrtle Aussieker.

Myrtle Aussieker [Parents] married Frank Brendt.

Clemens Aussieker [Parents] married Winifred Austin.

Winifred Austin married Clemens Aussieker.

They had the following children:

  i Gean Aussieker.

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