Source image: Class of 1981 Address List booklet
Initial scan: HP ScanJet 6200Cxi and PrecisionScan Pro v1.01
  • 300 dpi, extreme sharpen level, 999x1020 pixels

  • Bitmap (raster), 81crest_scan.tif

  • Scalable (vector), 81crest_scan.wmf

  • 1st conversion: Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition v1.0
  • WMF file has no "noise" to clean up

  • Rename and save file, 81crest_scan.wmf -> 81crest_scan_adobe.bmp

  • 1st editing: Microsoft Paint
  • Black and white pixel clean up

  • Rename and save file, 81crest_scan_adobe.bmp -> 81crest_scan_adobe1.bmp

  • 2nd conversion: LView Pro v1.D2
  • Black and white to 16 color conversion (create new file, change color depth to 16 color, then open old file)

  • Greyscale pixel clean up

  • Rename and save file, 81crest_scan_adobe1.bmp -> 81crest_scan_adobe2.bmp

  • 2nd editing: Microsoft Paint
  • Fill in colors - body and wings (brown); beak, talons, eye, and USMA (yellow); feet and sword hilts (tan); sword blades (pink); banner and device (cyan); pupil and device (red); background (blue)

  • 3rd conversion: LView Pro v1.D2
  • Modify fill in colors - body and wings, 128,0,0 (brown); beak, talons, eye, and USMA, 255,255,0 (yellow); feet and sword hilts, 246,229,130 (gold); sword blades, 192,192,192 (grey/silver); banner and device, 63,127,255 (light blue); pupil and device, 255,0,0 (red); background, 0,0,255 (blue)

  • Set transparency background color (blue)

  • Rename and save file, 81crest_scan_adobe2.bmp -> 81crest_scan_adobe2.gif

  • 4th conversion: Ulead Gif Animator v4.0
  • 16 color optimization (9 colors total, 8 actual and 1 background)

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  • Save file, 81crest_scan_adobe2.gif

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