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vpFREE Resources

vpFREE Links  is an entry point for the various vpFREE DataBase pages and provides links to many valuable video poker resources including the vpFREE2 database.

vpFREE Forums  includes vpFREE, FREEvpFREE, vpFREE_Online and 14 regional forums.

The  vpFREE Acronyms  is an alphabetical listing of VP acronyms, terms and some popular VP games.

The  vpFREE Exchange  DataBase page promotes members' products and services..

vpFREE Policies  describes what vpFREE is, what is on topic, rules of conduct, moderation guidelines, administrative details, and posting guidelines.

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vpFREE Dogma

Playing video poker profitably is a function of selecting good games, playing with an adequate bankroll, using optimal playing strategy, reducing errors and taking advantage of casino promotions. Profit expectation (EV) is described by and can be calculated using the "Video Poker EV Equation":

EV   =   [ER]   X   [coin-in]

EV can be increased by maximizing the product of   [ER]   times  
[coin-in], a process which involves making trade-offs between speed and accuracy, and between lower and higher denomination machines with different returns.

Coin-in can be increased by playing faster, playing longer, playing multi-line games and playing higher denomination machines.

ER (Expected Return) can be increased by selecting games with higher returns, using optimal strategy, reducing errors, and choosing where and when to play in order to maximize Cashback and other casino benefits.


vpFREE believes that video poker games which are regulated by respected gaming commissions are random and fair, and that the ER of such games is a mathematical function of their pay tables.

Playing Strategy

Adequately bankrolled, advantage players who are looking to maximize their profit per hour will always choose the highest EV option when playing a video poker hand. Other strategies may be better for players with different goals or for players who are under-bankrolled or risk averse.

Short Term Playing Strategy

Short term and long term strategy are identical for adequately bankrolled, advantage players who are looking to maximize their profit per hour. They will always choose the highest EV option when playing a video poker hand. Other strategies may be better for players with different goals or for players who are under-bankrolled or risk averse.

Money Management

Money management can help stretch a trip bankroll, and may contribute psychological benefits, but can also result in lost opportunities when positive plays are terminated prematurely. All other things being equal, quitting play for a session because of profit or loss considerations doesn't change future expectations in any predictable manner.

Switching Machines

Players can switch machines for many reasons, but all other things being equal, changing machines doesn't change future expectations in any predictable manner.

Anecdotal Evidence

Limited anecdotal evidence which advocates and supports money management, machine switching, optimal strategy deviations, voodoo incantations etc. as a means of increasing EV are interesting, but not persuasive. Such casual evidence usually describes normal fluctuations, often suffers from selective memory, and doesn't take into account what would have happened if session play had continued on the same machine using optimal strategy.

The Utopian Solution

Casinos should heavily promote video poker as a beatable game and inventory many good games that can be beaten. This should dramatically increase the number of video poker players (similar to the blackjack explosion many years ago), and only a very small percentage are likely to become winning players. The casinos could accept (and promote) the small group of winning players as loss leaders, and should realize increased profits on the lower hold percentages because of a much greater volume of business.

In this utopian world, there would be a world-wide, free, searchable database that included complete details (machine and location info, Max-ER %, hold %, assigned theo % etc.) on every video poker machine. It would include a listing of all casino benefits (CB, BBC, comps etc.) and how they are calculated. Casino hosts and discretionary comps would be eliminated and the savings would be used to increase regular casino benefits.

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1. What Is vpFREE?  -   The vpFREE Video Poker Group is a free internet forum for the discussion and exchange of information about video poker and video poker related topics. vpFREE is dedicated to sharing, promoting and preserving good video poker situations that can survive and prosper in an open market environment.

The vpFREE Administrator makes, interprets and enforces the rules and policies for vpFREE, subject to oversight from the vpFREE Administrative Committee. The Administrator and members of the committee serve anonymously for personal security reasons.

1a. What is On Topic on vpFREE?  -   Everything related to the overall VP experience, especially in Las Vegas, is on topic. This includes VP theory, machine inventories, casinos, slot club benefits, comps, LV restaurant and entertainment reviews, trip reports, etc.. Political or religious posts and any extended discussions of off-topic threads should be done on  FREEvpFREE  which is the unmoderated, free speech forum of the vpFREE groups. Disruptive threads will be moved to FREEvpFREE.

2. Is vpFREE moderated?  -   vpFREE is semi-moderated, which means that established members aren't normally moderated, but individual members can be moderated for cause. All new members are moderated until they have made a credible post, to help prevent spam messages. Moderation focuses on enforcing civility and preventing disruptive behavior.

3. What is vpFREE2?  -    vpFREE2  is an interactive, searchable, free video poker database that replaced the vpFREE DataBase in March 2009. It is supported by vpFREE members who serve as casino monitors, but it is independent of and separate from vpFREE.

4. Are VP machines random/fair?  -   In Nevada and Mississippi it's illegal to have non-random machines, and casinos are unlikely to cheat and thereby risk their gaming licenses. Several other states are generally believed to have random VP machines, while there is less confidence in a few jurisdictions.

4a. Are VP machines random/fair at Indian casinos?  -   They're probably random/fair at some Indian casinos, and maybe not at others. The problem is that they aren't regulated by a respected Gaming Commission so you really don't know. Video poker machines that are made by Nevada licensed companies are random/fair, unless they have been altered by the casino.

Indian Casino Discussion

4b. Are VP machines random/fair at online casinos?  -   They're probably random/fair at some online casinos, and maybe not at others. The problem is that they aren't regulated by a respected Gaming Commission so you really don't know. Until there's some confidence that they are random/fair, they should be discussed on  vpFREE_Online  rather than on vp_FREE.

4c. What is a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT)?  -   Most VLT's are controlled by a central computer and look like regular video poker machines, but some don't deal from a randomly selected deck of cards and their paytables are meaningless. When the paytables are meaningless, you're actually playing electronic bingo, an electronic lottery, or a slot machine. VLT's can be found in indian casinos and in outlets that are regulated by state lottery systems.

If IGT machines are truly random, as in Nevada, they will have small lettering somewhere on the front of the machine "Game is based on one 52 card deck" or something to that effect. If not it will say something like "Cards displayed are for entertainment purposes only".

More VLT Details

4d. How and when are cards selected and dealt?  -   Cards have been selected in several ways in the past, but today the RNG, which is constantly generating random card selections, selects each card in turn, ensuring that the card hasn't already been dealt or discarded in the current hand.

5. What is a full-pay VP machine?  -   A machine that has the best pay schedule for a particular VP Game, that can be found in any quantity in casinos. Often it is a judgmental decision as to which pay schedule should get the full-pay designation.

6. What is a positive VP game?  -   It is a VP game with a pay table that has an ER of 100% or more when played with perfect (max-EV) strategy.

7. What is a Royal cycle?  -   The theoretical, mathematically computed number of hands between Royal Flushes when playing perfect (max-EV) strategy.

8. What is the long term?  -   Theoretically speaking, the long term is forever. For video poker purposes, the long term is when you have played a lot of hands (several million at a minimum) and actual results are about the same as expected results. TomSki calculates (with a 95% confidence factor) that the actual results for 10/7 DB, played with perfect strategy, should be within 1.0% of expected results after 1,085,465 hands, and within 0.1% after 108,546,482 hands.

Long Term Discussion

Long Term Index: NO

9. What does Expected Value (EV) and Expected Return (ER) mean?  -   EV is the weighted sum of all possible outcomes (after each outcome has been multiplied by its probability of occurring). Relating this to VP, the EV of a video poker hand is the average value of all the wins attainable, after holding the optimum cards and redrawing. EV is expressed in units of coin-in or dollars.

ER is a percentage return figure that is a function of EV, and it equals [EV] divided by [Coin-in].

As an example, FPDW has a RF cycle of 45,281.93 hands, and the EV of playing those hands by a 25c player ($1.25 per hand) is $57,033.72. Total coin-in equals $56,602.41, so the ER is 100.7620%.

9a. What does Certainty Equivalent (CE) mean?  -   CE is a guaranteed return that someone would accept, rather than taking a chance on a higher, but uncertain, return.

CE = EV - variance/2xBankroll.

10. What is perfect (Max-EV) strategy?  -   It is the strategy that always chooses the highest EV option when making hold and discard decisions in the play of a video poker hand. This strategy maximizes EV per hour.

10a. Should I always use (Max-EV) strategy?  -   Other strategies may be more appropriate for players when maximizing EV per hour isn't their primary goal.

Video Poker Playing Strategies  covers other strategies including:

Min-Cost (aka Min-Loss) - This strategy gives the smallest average loss to play a certain number of hands.

Min-Cost-Royal (aka Min-Loss) - This strategy gives the smallest average loss between royal flushes. Equivalently, this strategy allows the player to "pay" the least total dollar amount per royal flush.

Min-Risk (aka Min-Bankroll) - This strategy gives the smallest bankroll requirement for a given risk of ruin, or equivalently gives the least risk of ruin for a given bankroll size.

Best-Shot-Royal - For a given bankroll size, this strategy maximizes the probability of hitting a royal before going broke.

11. What does NSUD, FPDW, JW, DB, JoB, FAQ etc. mean?  -   They are VP acronyms that are listed in the  vpFREE Acronyms .

12. What does 10/7 Double Bonus (DB) mean?  -   This is full-pay Double Bonus and pays 10:1 for a full house and 7:1 for a flush. 10/7 DB has an ER of 100.1725%.

13. What does 9/6 Jacks or Better (JoB) mean?  -   This is full-pay Jacks or Better and pays 9:1 for a full house and 6:1 for a flush. 9/6 JoB has an ER of 99.5439%.

14. How should I pick a VP machine to play?  -   The most important factor should be the attractiveness of a machine's pay table, as modified by comfort considerations.

15. When should I change machines?  -   Whenever you like. Changing to another machine with the same pay table won't help or hurt you in any predictable manner. See Bob Dancer's  When should you quit for the day? .

16. How can I tell what a VP machine's pay table is?  -   In Nevada, the pay table must be prominently displayed on the VP machine.

17. Where can I find Pay Tables and percentage returns for VP games?  -  

Video Poker Pay Tables

18. What is an "advantage" VP player?  -   A serious, knowledgeable player who restricts their video poker play to positive situations where the machine's EV plus casino promotions, combined with optimal play, provides a mathematical advantage.

19. Is video poker beatable?  -   Yes. By playing positive situations, the advantage player enjoys a mathematical edge and has a positive expectation over the longer term. Results can be improved by maximizing comp and Cashback opportunities.

20. Can you make playing errors and still win at video poker?  -   Yes. As long as the cost of your errors don't exceed your positive edge, you'll have a positive expectation over the longer term. Also, some of your errors will still result in a winning hand and make some contribution to profits.

21. What does Missing In Action (MIA) mean?  -   It means that a video poker machine(s) has been downgraded, removed, moved to an unknown location ... or isn't MIA and has just been overlooked. A confirmation of any MIA report is appreciated.

MIA?  is used for a possible MIA, when a game wasn't found but the last reported DataBase location may not have been checked.

22. Where is the best place to play video poker in Las Vegas?  -   Depends on whether you're a visitor or a local, your level of play, and what's important to you regarding location, ambiance, VP pay tables, etc.. The vpFREE2 Database is a good starting place for deciding what's best for you.

23. What does "Multi-Line" mean?  -   A Multi-Line (or Multi-Game) video poker machine allows you to play up to 100 hands of the same game at the same time. For example, on a 10 Play Multi-Line machine you are dealt a base hand, select the cards you want to hold and those cards are held in 10 different hands. The re-draw is from a different deck for each of the 10 hands. Multi-Line machines are available in 3, 5, 10, 50 and 100 Play.

24. What is Spin Poker?  -   It is a Multi-Line (or Multi-Game) video poker machine that has 3 lines with 9 paylines. You are dealt a base hand and the redraw is from a single deck. Spin Poker Deluxe has 3 lines with 20 paylines.

25. What are Slot Clubs?  -   They are the administrative vehicles that casinos use to identify, rate and reward their VP and slot players.

25a. What is a Slot (Player's) card?  -   Slot (Player's) cards look like credit cards and are issued to Slot Club members. The slot card links the player's account with the casino's computer system which is also linked to the casino's VP machines. When your card is inserted into a VP machine, it tracks your play and you earn slot club points.

25b. Is it better to get a Slot card in joint or in single names?  -   Depends on your goals, amount of play and a casino's reward levels. Concentrate play on a single card when daily average and theo are important, and use a secondary card for less serious play.

26. What is a Betting Unit?  -   It is the denomination (5c, 10c, 25c, $1 etc.) being played, to which the pay table's multipliers are applied. A full coin royal flush payout is usually 800 betting units.

27. How much play is required to earn a point?  -   $1 of VP play earns 1 point at many casinos, but the amount of play required to earn a point can vary widely, and is arbitrarily selected by individual casinos. Much more important is what the points are worth.

28. What are points worth?  -   Each individual casino specifies what its points are worth or exchangeable for. Typically, points are exchangeable at a set ratio for either comps or cash or both. You can compare slot benefits from different casinos by calculating the $ amount of benefits (cash and/or comps) you get, expressed as a percentage of the play required.

29. What does Double Points mean?  -   You earn twice as many points as normal at designated times, when you play with your slot card. Casinos often offer multiple points to players. In some cases everyone who plays with a slot card will get the multiple points as they play, and in other cases you must receive and turn in a coupon and your bonus points will be credited within a few days.

30. What is the difference between Coin-in and Coin-out?  -   Coin-in equals the total number of hands played times the amount played per hand. Coin-out is the total dollar value of all winning hands.

31. What are Comps?  -   They are complimentary or free goodies that casinos give to their players as rewards for patronizing the casino. Examples are free drinks, food, hotel rooms, shows, logo items etc.. Comps can be classified into three general categories:

Earned Comps are comps that are generated from normal VP play in accordance with the individual casino's established rules. They can be obtained from the Player's Club, or by swiping your card at a point of usage, such as a food outlet or gift shop.

Discretionary Comps are comps that aren't charged against a player's Earned Comps, and usually come from a Slot Host. Higher Rollers are the primary beneficiaries of discretionary comps, but they're sometimes available to Lower Rollers also, just for the asking.

Marketing Comps are comps that come from a casino's Marketing Department, and aren't charged against a player's Earned or Discretionary Comps.

31a. What does "theo" mean?  -   Theoretical win/loss rating .

32. What is Room - Food - Beverages (RFB)?  -   It's a comp that covers all of one's room, food and beverages. RFBL is a limited RFB where the Food includes basic dining (buffet, coffee shop type) only.

33. What is Cashback?  -   Some casinos rebate a percentage of your play in the form of cashback or free play. If a casino's VP cashback rate is 0.5%, you will earn $5 of cashback for every $1000 of VP play.

34. How do I get Cashback?  -   You get cashback by earning points for your VP play using a Player's card and exchanging the points for cashback or free play.

35. What is Free Play?  -   This is an alternative to cashback, where you receive "machine credits" which must be played through a designated machine one time before they can be redeemed.

36. What is Bounce Back Cash?  -   It is cash or free play that casinos award their better patrons for redemption on designated dates. BBC is often on a "Don't ask, Won't tell" basis and the amount can be influenced by coin-in, daily average, theoretical loss, machines played, length of time played and actual win or loss over some qualifying period.

37. What does locking up a machine mean?  -   If you wish to take an extended break from playing VP, you can usually get an attendant to shut down your machine (typically for up to an hour), and put it back in service for you, when you return.

38. Are all cards in a video poker hand selected at the same time?  -   The newer IGT machines randomly select the five dealt cards one by one and then continue shuffling until hold decisions are made.

On earlier machines a total of ten cards are individually selected initially, with the remaining five being dealt from the top of the deck as needed. On some machines the remaining five cards were placed behind each dealt card to be used as needed.

RNG Article

39. What is a Strategy card?  -   It is a computer generated set of rules for playing video poker, in an easily readable format.

39a. Is there computer software available for practicing video poker and determining strategy and ER/EV for different games?  -   Yes. Anyone who is serious about video poker should own all or some combination of Frugal Video Poker, Video Poker Strategy Master and WinPoker. Links to these products are included in the  Commercial VP Products  directory of vpFREE Links.

39b. Are there any free video poker strategy guides?  -   Here is a link to several free strategies for video poker:

Strategy Links

40. Can you use a Strategy card while playing VP in a casino?  -   The general experience indicates that there isn't any problem in using a strategy card in a casino while playing VP. But, it doesn't hurt to be somewhat discreet while doing so.

41. What is a Penalty card?  -   It is any dealt card which, were it instead present in the balance of the deck for a draw, could potentially form a winning hand with held cards. For example, you are dealt four cards to a club royal plus the 4 of clubs. If you elect to discard the 4, it is a flush penalty card, because its absence from the deck reduces your chances of making a flush, if you miss your royal draw.

42. Should VP playing strategy make allowance for penalty cards?  -   Some say Yes and some say No. Jazbo's strategy card (no allowance for penalty cards) for 10/7 DB has an ER of 100.167% compared to 100.1725% ER for perfect strategy. For someone playing 500 hands per hour on a 25c machine the difference in the two strategies is less than 4c per hour. If you can play faster, or make fewer errors when you disregard penalty cards, you probably should do so. If you can play just as fast, with no increase in errors while playing perfect strategy, then this would be the preferred route.

43. What is Variance?  -   The average of the square of all deviations from the mean. Variance is the risk that your actual play results will vary from the ER of a game. The more that infrequent hands contribute to a video poker game's overall return, the higher the variance.

Variance, as a mathematical measure, best describes events where the range of outcomes approximate a "normal" distribution (e.g. the flipping of a penny or roll of a die). Because video poker payback assigns a different weight to each hand outcome, short term return variance does not adhere to a normal distribution. However, over a large number of hands (typically referred to as the "long term"), the distribution takes on a shape that does closely approximate a normal distribution. Therefore, the variance statistic only has a valid use in calculations that apply to that "long term". It otherwise gives a rough sense of the short/medium term volatility of one game vs. another, but not a strongly reliable one.

44. What is Standard Deviation (SD)?  -   How far (on average) data points are from the mean value of a data set. SD is the square root of variance.

45. What is Card pulling?  -   Refers to the practice of pulling your slot card before hitting the Draw button, when you are dealt a good hand. The objective is to hide some of your winning hands from casino computer systems.

46. Why play maximum coins?  -   On most VP machines you don't get the Royal Flush bonus if you play less than maximum coin. For less than maximum coins the RF pays 250:1 while it plays 800:1 if you bet maximum coins. Also, VP progressive jackpots can't be won when playing less than maximum coin.

46a. What is a 10-coin video poker machine  -   Most VP machines have a maximum bet of 5 coins per hand. A 10-coin machine has a maximum bet of 10 coins per hand, and you usually must bet all 10 coins to get the RF bonus. A 10-coin 25c machine, where you must bet all 10 coins to get the RF bonus, is essentially a 5-coin 50c machine.

47. How much do vpFREE members tip?  -   From vpFREE 2002 Polls:

The median tip for a hopper fill and for change booth transactions - None

The median tip for drinks from a cocktail waitress - $1 per drink

The median tip for hand paid jackpots - $250 : $2 - $1,000 : $10 - $4,000 : $20 - $20,000 : $75

47a. Do casino change/floor people share tips?  -   In every major LV casino, change/floor people pool tips. Sometimes it is by shift, more often all shifts share equally. In some places, slot supervisors are pooled in, some places not. If you want to make sure that a supervisor gets a share of your tipping, ask them if they share in the floor tips. If not, give a separate tip to a supervisor. If they say they can't take tips, you can give them a noncash gift, like a gift card. A "request that they keep a cash tip personally" cannot be honored if it is subject to pooling. Failure to share a cash tip that is subject to pooling is grounds for immediate termination! Pool members may or may not be allowed to accept a personal noncash tip. In general, the only people out on the casino floor who do NOT share cash tips are the cocktail waitresses.

48. What is a progressive?  -   Progressive VP machines have a jackpot payout that increases from its starting or reset value (usually 4,000 coins for royal jackpots) by some percentage of the coin-in play that the machine receives. When the jackpot is hit, it reverts to its reset value and the process begins again. There are progressives for royals, quad aces, straight flushes, quads etc..

48a. What does a 0.10% progressive meter mean?  -   For every $100 of coin-in, the Progressive increases 10 cents.

50. Who is Rob Singer?  -   Rob Singer says that "Rob Singer is a professional gambler from Scottsdale, Arizona, and top expert in winning at video poker". He advocates a disciplined short term approach to video poker using special plays and session goals to take advantage of short term luck. He is the author of "The Undeniable Truth About Video Poker" and "Ramblin' and Gamblin' thru Nevada".

Traditional Video Poker Experts, who have examined Rob Singer's methods and strategies, contend that they are mathematically unsound, and they question the accuracy of his reported results. Discussion of his system(s) on the old vp_heaven internet forum was very disruptive and led to the demise of that group.

Discussion of the Singer system(s) on vpFREE is discouraged, but is appropriate on   FREEvpFREE .

Review of "The Undeniable Truth About Video Poker"

Review of "Ramblin' and Gamblin' Thru Nevada"

51. Is there a strategy for playing video poker tournaments?  -  

Liinda Boyd Article

51a. Is there a listing of video poker tournaments?  -  

LV Advisor Las Vegas Tournaments

52. What constitutes a player's video poker bankroll?  -   The amount of money available and earmarked for playing video poker.

Bankroll sub-divisions include:

Psychological bankroll - The amount of money a player is willing to lose before changing games, denominations or quitting.

Trip bankroll - The amount of money available and earmarked for video poker play on a trip.

Session bankroll - The amount of money available and earmarked for a video poker session.

53. How large of a bankroll do you need to play video poker?  -   Depends on the denomination, variance, and ER of the game you're playing and on how much Cashback you're earning.

Kelly bankroll estimate (# bets with about a 10% ROR) = variance/(er-1+cashback)

Example: FPDW + .25% cashback:

Bankroll = 26/(1.0075-1+.0025) = 2600 bets ($3250 on 5 coin quarters)

Multiply bankroll by 1.35 for 5% ROR, 1.77 for 2% ROR and 2.08 for 1% ROR.

Jean Scott Bankroll Column

Jazbo's Bankroll Links

54. Where can I get help on Yahoo administrative problems?  -   Information on joining vpFREE, making email changes, account reactivation and spam blocking problems are covered in the  Yahoo! Administrative Problems  directory.

55. What are some good books and software about video poker?  -  vpFREE recommends:

Book: The Video Poker Edge by Linda Boyd

Software: Video Poker for Winners! by Bob Dancer

Book: Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner by Bob Dancer

Book: Winner's Guides by Bob Dancer and Liam Daily

Software: Dunbar's Risk Analyzer for Video Poker by Dunbar

Software: Optimum Video Poker by Dan Paymar

Book: Video Poker - Optimum Play by Dan Paymar

Software: Video Poker Wizard Coach by Cap Richards

Book: The Frugal Gambler by Jean Scott

Book: More Frugal Gambling by Jean Scott

Book: Frugal Video Poker by Jean Scott

Software: Video Poker Strategy Master by TomSki

Software: Frugal Video Poker by Wolf Gaming Software

Software: Wizard of Odds by Wizard of Odds

Software: Wolf Video Poker by Wolf Gaming Software

Software: WinPoker by Dean Zamzow

56. What is/was the vpFREE monthly lunch?  -   The monthly vpFREE luncheons began in March 2002 and lasted until July 2011. Anytime that anyone wants to host and organize a vpFREE lunch, dinner or any kind of get-together, they should post the details on the vpFREE forum.

57. How do you compute probabilities?  -  

Probability Computations

59. What is the vpFREE Sunshine Policy?  -   "vpFREE members are expected to report all attractive games they notice in casinos they visit, unless they believe it's better not to publicize the games, either for their own benefit or for the video poker community as a whole."

vpFREE believes that the free and open exchange of information is of paramount importance to the video poker community as a whole, and is dedicated to sharing, promoting and preserving all attractive games that can survive and prosper in an open market environment. If publicity kills a good game that had been a secret, it's no great loss to the video poker community as a whole, since they weren't even aware of the game previously.

Secrecy may be the best solution for prolonging an attractive play, but you usually can't know for sure that disclosure wouldn't have been better. Some unpublicized plays have died because of inactivity and others might have lasted longer if they had been publicized and thereby attracted a better mix of abusive players (who will usually find attractive games via their own grapevines) and non-abusive players.

vpFREE wishes good video poker results for all members, but from a theoretical point of view it is in every player's best interest if all other players (besides themselves) lose money playing video poker, thereby increasing casino profits and allowing them to offer attractive video poker games. Since the only beneficiary of a non-public play is the very small group of active participants (who are winning, which is contrary to all non-participants best interests), vpFREE non-participants should share the play with all members. Then, if it's a viable game it will be available for everyone, and if not, the sooner it dies the better (for everyone except the active participants).

Camaraderie, political correctness, and hopes of reciprocity in protecting one's own private plays are reasons that non-participants might not want to report an attractive, unpublicized game.

60. What is the vpFREE VIDEO POKER HALL OF FAME?  -   THE vpFREE VIDEO POKER HALL OF FAME recognizes and honors significant contributions to the playing, understanding and popularity of video poker.

In 2002 the vpFREE Video Poker Group elected and inducted five charter members into the Hall of Fame. These charter members, along with the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 inductees are honored on the Hall of Fame web site:


In the future, elections will be held every four years (years evenly divisible by four) and a nominee must get more than 33% of the votes cast (every vpFREE member has one vote) in order to be inducted. If no one receives more than 33% of the votes cast, there will not be an inductee that year.

61. How do I get a picture included on   vpFREE's Jackpot Pictures ?  -   The vpFREE Yahoo Photo Directory is now open to all vpFREE members and they can / should upload their Jackpot Pictures themselves.

When uploading pictures please put them in the "Jackpot Hands 2011" album (or the correct year's album, if taken in an earlier year) rather than starting a new album.

After you upload a picture to the Photo Directory you're welcome to share it with other members by posting a link to the picture on the vpFREE forum.

If you shorten the link by using  "http://tinyurl.com/"  it will make your picture easier to access.

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Las Vegas Maps

Las Vegas Strip casinos  are on or adjacent to Las Vegas Blvd., starting at the Stratosphere on the north and running to Mandalay Bay on the south.

Las Vegas Downtown casinos  are located on and around West Fremont Street.

Most of the other casinos in Las Vegas are  Local's casinos .

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