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December 05

December 6, 2005 ESPN2 will televise a documentary on:

“Faces of Sports: Brave Old Army Team”

The film is about Army Football history & the Honor Code.



November 05

December 3, 2005 will be the 98 meeting of Army & Navy

Both have won 49 games each




June 05

St Louis Club 2005 Graduates – Howitzer Ad





May 05

Cadets Tom Pae, Greg Zielinski and Kristin Beyer entered the Academy before 9/11/01.


Review Time’s Photo Essay at http://www.time.com/time/photoessays/westpoint/index.html


Download Time’s Photo Essay here. TimeMagazineUSMAClass2005.doc


April 05

Cadets Cook & Hitzeorth participate in the annual St Louis Orienteering at Cliff Cave Park and Rockwood Range.  (Picture by John Hilkenkamp)




February 05

The seriousness of the War in Iraq



January 05

Remember all those who have gave their life for our freedom