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Academic Year 2012-2013


29 September 2012

Tailgate at South Dock

Join us for fun and food at West Point's South Dock.

Can't make it? Send your Cadet down just the same, and have them bring a friend. The food is guaranteed to be better than what they'll see in the mess on Saturday!


21 October 2012

Boodle Meeting

Join us in Carlisle as we assemble care packages to send to our cadets.


18 November 2012

What to except during Firstie year

Join us in Carlisle along with the parents of recent USMA graduates to get helpful tips about Firstie year along with tips on what to except during the hectic weeks leading to graduation.


13 January 2013

Deb Dalton, Parent Communication Liasion, West Point Addmissions


Dr. Jim Dalton, Associate Dean and Registrar at West Point

Click Here for more information



24 February 2013

Boodle Meeting II

Join us in Carlisle as we assemble care packages to send to our cadets.


March 2013

Founders Day, Army Heritage Center, Carlisle

This is a formal affair. More information to follow.


5 May 2013

Cadet Candidate Brunch

Join us in Mechanicsburg as we welcome the cadet candidates of the Class of 2017 and their parents at the beginning of their West Point journey.


9 June 2013

New Cadet Send-off Picnic

Join us in Carlisle as we say good luck on R-Day and during Beast.



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