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Class of 2009 Class Crest
7 April 2006

The West Point Class of 2009 Crest Symbolism

"For Your Freedom and Mine"

Every year, the cadets of the fourth-class at the United States Military Academy create a singular image to symbolize their values, their aspirations, and their legacy as cadets and future Army officers. The class crest encapsulated the traditions of the Long Gray Line, the Army, and the United States. The elements of the crest represent our commitment and dedication in our goal to defend "your freedom and mine."

The class of 2009's crest is distinctive in both its reverence of American determination and will and the mission it sets forth for its graduates. The class year lies in silver at the bottom, opposite the initials of the Military Academy in gold at the top. These two symbols are flanked by the cadet and Army officer sabers, representing our loyalty and vigilance to serve and defend the Academy and the Army.

In the background lies the American flag, which stands as the symbol of our nation. The red and white stripes signify the spirit of unity in which our country was formed from the colonies. The multitude of stars in their blue field brightens the dark times we must assuredly enter into upon graduation. The history of our country and its great achievements, in both peace and wartime, serves as a constant reminder of our obligation to fulfill the role West Point graduates have always assumed, as defenders of all the free peoples of the world.

To the center stands the eagle, vigilant and fierce, cradling the world in its wings. This symbolizes not global hegemony, but rather global commitment to all those in the world who seek to free themselves from the shackles of tyranny. The eagle's eyes keep close watch over the world and its people, signifying our mission to defend both the Americans and all those who would seek freedom.

Across the eagle's breast flows the class motto: "For Your Freedom and Mine". This motto is the very culmination of our mission and our hopes for the future, to protect the liberties of all peoples, especially our own. The new age of global commitment that our nation has embarked upon obligates our class's graduates to keep this motto in their hearts and always remember our role as defenders of the free. It is this sentiment which drives and will ever drive our class, the class of 2009, onward to success in defending the liberty of the American people and granting the same freedom to those who struggle to obtain it.