The Association of Graduates
Friends of West Point

Brothers and Sisters,

Mary and I have the delight and the honor of inviting your attention to the Friends of West Point Program of the Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy.

We strongly urge our fellow parents and friends of the United States Corps of Cadets, Class of 2001, to consider applying for acceptance to this unique service for our nation and our beloved Academy and Army.

Your applicaton may be forwarded to the AOG from the following webpages, which you may print out, fill in and forward, or MSWord Documents, which you may use in the same way :

Application Form       MSWord Document
Nomination Form       MSWord Document
Parents Fact Sheet       MSWord Document

David and Mary Graham
(Douglas, '01, Francesca, '04)
Friends of West Point
USMA Admissions Participants
Bellevue, Washington, USA