To: The Board of Trustees, AOG

Re: Membership in The Friends of West Point

  1. I (We) desire to join The Friends of West Point in accordance with Article IV, Sections 4.4, 4.5, and 4.6 of the Bylaws of the Association of Graduates.

  2. In support of this candidacy, I (We) affirm my or our support for the United States Military Academy. I (We) have furthermore attached to this memo a brief statement of the reasons for wanting to be admitted to membership.

  3. Upon approval of the application, I (We) will forward the required fee of $50.00, understanding that acceptance to membership is subject to that payment.


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Occupation _______________________ Spouse's Occupation _______________________

Business Address _______________________ Business Address _______________________

Business Phone _______________________ Business Phone _______________________

E-mail _______________________ E-mail _______________________

Application Form       MSWord Document
Nomination Form       MSWord Document
Parents Fact Sheet       MSWord Document