West Pointers on Stamps
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The American Philatelist
The Journal of the American Philatelic Society - Feb. 1989 Pp 128 - 134
Reprinted with permission

by Col. Frederick 0. Diercks

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1.John J. Pershing, France Scott No. 2044     2.Pershing, U.S. Scott No. 1042A
3. Henry H. Arnold U.S. Scott No. 2192     4. Douglas MacArthur, Phillippines Scott NO. 520

5. 6.
5.MacArthur Korea Scott No 477     6. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gibraltar, Scott. 436

7. 8. 9.
7. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Monaco, Scott. 357 8. Anastasio Somoza Jr., Nicaragua Scott No. C886
9. George S. Patton, Luxembourg, Scott. 245

10. 11.
10. Charles L. Mullins Jr. (left), with Somoza and Roosevelt, Nicaragua Scott No. C463
11. Fred T. Cruse, Leroy Bartlett Jr., And John F. Greco (top row, left to right),
Nicaragua Scott. No. C465 Anastasio Somoza is pictured in the bottom row, at left.

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12. Anthony C. McAuliffe, Belgium Scott No. B608
13. Frank Borman (Left), with Anders and Lovell, Senegal Scott No. 494c
14. Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. (lower right) and Michael Collins (lower left), with Neil Armstrong, Togo Scott No. 741

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15. Phillippine Miliatry Academy, Phillipines Scott No. 1582
16. Nicaragua Miliatry Academy, Nicaragua Scott No. C472
17. U.S. Military Academy at West Point, U.S. Scott 789

18. 19.
18. Korea Military Academy, Korea Scott No. 1048
19. David R. Scott and Alfred M. Worden, Romania Scott No. C185

20. Edward H. White, Mali Scott No. C33

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Since my AP article on "West Pointers on Stamps" appeared in February 1989, three additional U.S. Military Academy graduates have been pictured on stamps. Two of them are on stamps in the current U.S. Civil War sheet.Confederate General Joseph Eggleston Johnston was a West Point graduate of theClass of 1829. Union Major General Winfield Scott Hancock was a graduate of the Class of 1844. From the Class of 1950, Philippines President Fidel Valdez Ramos appears on a stamp of that nation saluting U.S. President Bill Clinton's visit in 1994.


Col. (Ret.) Frederick 0. Diercks Fort Belvoir, Virginia