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Class Notes

USMA 1958

April 2017

Classmates—here we go again with class notes.  I will repeat my plea from Feb and Mar about forwarding this to classmates NOT on the class restricted email list.  If you know any email addresses, please forward these notes to them.  Thanks.  CCQs can help here… smile.

Info from Jack Downing.  Bill Mathews died in Phoenix AZ. On 23 March.   He is survived by Rosa, his wife of 24 years and three sons from a previous marriage.  Rosa said the burial will take place Austin in April.  I will let you know the particulars as soon as the internment details have been finalized.  Jack.

And from Bill’s widow Rosa via Audrey Webb:   I have just had a very sweet and meaningful conversation with Rosa, Bill Mathew's widow. She was very appreciative of the phone call and also of the booklet that Betsy Hall sent.  She also mentioned that she had received wonderful support from '58, but especially from M-2.

And from your friendly Scribe: John, Pete and George – My only contribution is deceased classmates and wives for Roll Call purposes.  I am more than happy to have you three and Dick Buckalew keep up with the living (grads in ’58, ’59 and ‘60 and former cadets), our rosters, etc. 

My list of deceased classmates stands at 216 graduates in June 1958 from among the 573 of us who graduated, which agrees with Pete Trainor’s number.  Add to this another 9 who have died from among those who graduated with 1959 and 23 former cadets who have died.  Our one from 1960, Tom Taylor, is still vertical.  Grand total is 248 classmates who have died.  No doubt there are more, but tracking the non-grads is difficult. 

And, we have lost 90 wives.  Interestingly, we have lost 43 couples.  We have many of us without spouses, either widowers or widows.  Sadly, I am among this group and am finding it difficult without Judy—I miss her terribly, but know that she is better off.  2016 was difficulty for her.

Frank Waskowicz does our Roll Calls for reunions and annual one in May for those lost in SEA.  Our service in May will be on Sunday 21st followed by brunch at Army-Navy Country Club.

 Our next total class Roll Call will be during the 60th back at West Point in April 2018.  The last was our 58th at Monterey/Carmel on 21 October 2016   Jody Le Towt is the second among us to organize a second Mini Reunion.

 The EC opted not to have a 59th Mini Reunion during 2017 so that we can focus on max attendance of the 60th next year.  We are likely to have Mini Reunions after the 60th but time enough to organize them in the future.  We are contemplating going back to the simple reunions which began with Palm Springs for our 31st Reunion.  I will attempt a listing our reunion organizers for the record.  Cheers, George

And from Herb and Betty Puscheck -- another night at the theater.  It's that time again: TUESDAY, 2 MAY 2017 (A Fundraiser for MT.Vernon Kiwanis Club)

The Play:  "The Fabulous Lipitones" at Little Theater in Old Town

Time:  Doors open @ 7 PM, Play starts at 8PM

Price:  $25.00   includes  Play, Refreshments, Door Prizes and Raffles.         

This is a comedy about what takes place when a barbershop quartet is forced to take on an unconventional replacement when one of their members suddenly dies.  When they meet face to face with their replacement, he is definitely what they expected.  Contact or call Betty or Herb Puscheck for tickets @ info: 703-768 2380 or:    Should be a FUN evening!

 Regards, Herb & Betty Puscheck

 And from our class Internet Wizard, Pete Trainor, which he sent today April first:

 Classmates,  Updates include the latest class address roster and email roster (both password protected).

Additionally, the scribe (Class Notes) pages now reflect all notes posted by Pete Penczer during 2014-2016.

 And from Gerry Schurtz in response to an email from your friendly Scribe warning about an email scam: “George:  Thanks for the info.  Some people really suck, don't they?  Gerry”

 Reunion List for historical record (have space, so decided to use it to give a current list of class reunions, more or less current at any rate:

 5th at USMA – we had two: one in June 1963 and the second at Homecoming in the fall of 1963.  I have no clue who ran either one.  Need help here!

10th 10-13 Sep 1968 at West Point.  Another with no clue who ran it.  Check your memories.

15th sometime in Fall of 1973 at West Point.  I am quite sure that Jim Ramsden ran it with classmate helpers.

20th again in the Fall of 1978 at West Point and run by Jim Ramsden and helpers.

25th again in the Fall of 1983 at West Point and run by Jim Ramsden and his gang of helpers.

30th in the Fall of 1988 at West Point – the first organized by Garry Roosma.  Scribe classmated him but Garry returned the favor giving Scribe the 30th Reunion Book project.

31st 7-10 Sep 1989 – the first Mini Reunion organized by Dick Groves in Palm Springs CA.

32d 6-9 Sep 1990 in Bar Harbor ME organized by Mark Sigurski and his annual campers.

33d 26-29 Sep 1991 in South Padre Island TX by Jack and Marie Tierney.

34th 8-15 August 1992 to celebrate the Queen of Thailand’s 60th Birthday organized by Pete Kullavanijaya with many side-trips to other hot spots in Asia.

35th 30 Sep-3 Oct 1993 at West Point by Garry Roosma.

36th 4-7 Aug 1994 at Winter Park CO by Jack Crandall.  This one began the annual Ski Trip Mini Reunions which kicked off in 1997.

37th 28 Sep-1 Oct 1995 in Charleston SC by Heyward and Evelyn Hutson who had a lovely dinner at their home.

38th 3-6 Oct 1996 in Carmel CA by Jody LeTowt.40th

39th 11-14 Sep 1997 in Hershey PA “How Sweet It Is” by Stu Matt (our only non-grad to host a Mini).

40th 23-26 May 1998 at West Point by Garry Roosma.

41st 14-17 Jun 1999 at West Point by Jerry Mitchell “In-Barracks Mini and Graduate Enrichment Seminar.”

42d 7-10 Sep 2000 at Portland OR by Paul Vanture.

43d 1-4 Nov 2001 at Santa Fe NM by Gerry Schurtz.

44th 21-24 Apr 2002 at Pensacola FL by Glenn Phillips.

45th 11-14 Sep 2003 at West Point by Garry Roosma.

46th 21-24 Aug 2004 at San Antonio TX by Jack Bujalski.

47th 17-20 Oct 2005 at San Francisco CA by Paul Ruud.

48th 14-17 May 2006 at Savannah GA by Roger Waddell.

49th 21-24 Oct 2007 at New Orleans LA by Tom Sands.

50th 24-25 May 2008 at West Point by Garry Roosma.

51st 28-31 Oct 2009 at Tucson AZ by ?? my records need help here!

52d 11-14 Oct 2010 at Denver CO by Rich Clements.

53d 26-29 Sep 2011 at Orlando FL by Bob Tallgren.

54th 7-10 Oct 2012 at Washington DC by Palmer McGrew.

55th 18-22 May 2013 at West Point by Garry Roosma.

56th 19-22 Oct 2014 at Orange Beach AL by Jerry Cook.

57th 20-23 Oct 2015 at Austin TX by Stan Bacon (quite sure this was Stan’s second Mini).

58th 20-23 Oct 2016 at Carmel CA by Jody LeTowt (second classmate to organize a second Mini).

60th 26-29 Apr 2018 at West Point by Garry Roosma.  NUMBER SEVEN FOR GARRY!


Need class news.  George as in Scribe