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Class of 1958
Executive Committee                                      07/19/01

Dear Classmates Family and Friends,

Report on Events  Since Jan 2001 .
        There were no major events such as mini-reunions or reunions during the last 6 months however there were a few events worthy of note.

        WALKER AWARD.   Tom Carpenter presented to Cadet Jeremiah Fritz,'01, The George Walker Award to the top graduating member of the Army Debate Team. He is an outstanding young man on a Debate Team ranked #1 in the country.  He will be commissioned Armor, and he is looking forward to his first assignment to Fort Hood.
      In a post ceremony discussion, Tom asked the debate team that had gathered around why they thought a West Point class, 43 years after graduation would press the Academy to name a room after and endow an
award for a classmate killed eight months after graduation in a civilian plane crash. They were quick to conclude the two key points:
* George Walker was an extraordinary man.
* The Class of '58 is an extraordinary class. The Class of ‘58 is a band of brothers that rejoices in the achievements of and grieves over the burdens of our classmates and their families.

       MALONE AWARD.  Van VanFleet Made the Malone Award this year.  He had the following to say. “ It was my privilege to present the Larry Malone Award at the Georgetown ROTC Banquet on Friday the 27th of April at Fort Belvoir.” As you know the Georgetown ROTC is made up of Cadets from several other universities in the area: Maryland, American and George Mason. The recipient of the award, Cadet, David Headlee, attends
American University and he should make an outstanding Army Officer. There were about 30 awards that night, however the Malone Award was the grandest. I was the only presenter to speak and essentially here is what I said: "It is my honor to represent the Class of '58 from the United States Military Academy at West Point who sponsor this award. As you know Larry Malone started the Ranger Company at Georgetown in between his two tours to Vietnam. He was subsequently killed in Vietnam in 1968. I feel especially privileged to present this award to Cadet David Headlee because not only was Larry Malone my classmate, my Company mate for four years but he was also my friend."
        I thoroughly enjoyed talking to all the Cadets. They were very curious about Army life and Vietnam. It was truly a rewarding experience for me and I would be honored to do it again.

        CAPELLE AWARD. Hugh Trumbull presented the 30th Award of the Captain Gerald C. Capelle Memorial Trophy at the USMA Prep School on May 23rd, 2001.  The trophy, which dates back to its first award at Ft. Belvoir for the '71/'72 school year, has been updated this year with a new trophy - all the engraving spaces on the original having been filled.  The original trophy has been retired to the Commandant's Conference Room and will ultimately be displayed in the Prep School History Room after the coming renovations. The new trophy is a large, attractive plaque carrying the entire history since its first award.  It was won by Charlie Company this year
and will be displayed in their Day Room for the next school Year. Accepting the award for his company was Cadet Candidate (CC) Andrew Ziebell, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Ziebell of Austin, Texas.
        Unlike past Award Ceremonies which were held in a static formation, this year's awards were presented at a full parade review complete with the West Point Band and visiting dignitaries review. 
        The Pizza Party for C Company took place on June 29th when the CCs return to prepare for entry to West Point on the first Monday in July.
        During their visit, Hugh and his wife, Ann, received many expressions of appreciation for the Class of '58's support of the school. The staff and CCs know about our class.  COL Mike Anderson, Commandant, made a special point of asking that Hugh relay their appreciation back to the class. 
       The ANNUAL MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR OUR 13 CLASSMATES KILLED IN VN was held on Sunday, 20 May at 1030 at the VN memorial in Washington. The service  was well attended by classmates and wives.

       This year we honored Floyd Spencer, Jr. in our 12th annual
ceremony at the Viet Nam Memorial.  Floyd’s son, Floyd III and wife
Danita attended which made the ceremony especially moving and
meaningful.  Three of Floyd’s Company mates from B-2, Jerry Prochaska,
Dick Schonberger, and Don Johnson attended, and they told wonderful
stories about Floyd at West Point and in Viet Nam.  Most of these
stories had never been heard by Floyd’s son, and he expressed his
gratitude to the class for helping him to know more about his father
        Afterward most of the attendees including Floyd III and his wife
went to the ANCC for  Brunch arranged by Andy Andreson.  Plan to attend
next year if you are in the Washington area.                 
        Advanced planning.  Next year our 13th Annual Memorial Service for
classmates killed in Southeast Asia will be at 1030 on Sunday, 19 May
2002... a week and a day before Memorial Day .  We will be honoring
Ralph Wensinger, who started out with us and graduated with the class of
1959.  We have invited the Class of ‘59 to join us for the service next
year.  We will gather south of the VN Memorial, just east of the Women's
Statue.  Rain or shine. And, given Andy Andreson’s willingness to host
us, we will enjoy brunch again at the ANCC.

classmates, wives and friends  cruised the Elbe River on the MV
Katharina Von Bora from 2-9 June from Prague to Potsdam with stops and
tours at Torgau, Dresden, Meissen, Wittenberg, Magdeburg and other
locations.  The river cruise was preceded by 3 nights in Prague and was
followed by  3 nights in Berlin and various other post cruise tours.
About half of the group participated in the Pre and Post Cruise
activities. Phil Pryor and Jerry Mitchell were the organizers of the
cruise along with IMS Travel of Vienna VA.  The cruise was a marvelous
experience at a good price and of course the companionship
was unbeatable, and all had a great time. The most common “plus” comment
was that when on the boat they only had to unpack and pack once.  Most
said they are ready to do it again. 
        At present there are no firm plans for a trip next year.  We are
hoping for suggestions and perhaps someone else would like to organize a
tour next year in the September-October time frame so as not to conflict
with the Pensacola Mini in May of 2002.  There has been discussion about
a potential trip to Italy in 2002, but we have not been able to solidify
any plans yet.  Are there any ideas out there?  Would anyone else like
to try their hand at organizing a trip?  If so contact Phil or Jerry.
        We are hoping that an informal group of travelers is forming,
and that the planning and hosting duties will rotate among interested
classmates on future trips.
        SKI TRIP  Some 20 of the Class gathered at Summit County CO for
four or five days of skiing.  Mike and Grace Dugan were wonderful
hosts.  We were even able to pull Mayor Moscatelli from his chambers for
one evening.
        This year's trip was great.  We headquartered in Breckenridge,
although folks were staying in various places.  For example, I-2 stayed
in the Dugans' "little" chalet in Dillon.  We skied at Breck, Keystone
and Copper.  The snow
was adequate most of the time, and better than that on occasion.  But
that isn't all that important when we get together as classmates.  Great
weather, terrain and snow are just icing on the cake.  Try it, you'll
like it.
        Just for the record, Hugh Trumbull won the gold medal again this
year and will now have his name on the new "Colorado Cup" (shaped like a
sammy pitcher) twice, along with Jim Tilley (once).  We need someone to
beat him -- Uncle Sam needs you!
        In case you were unaware that such activity was ongoing, We are
reminding everyone that we have a ski list where such information is
passed along regularly.  We are approaching that time when we choose the
site for next year's trip.  If you would like to go skiing with your
classmates, something I highly recommend, you should join us on the ski
list and see if you would like to come skiing with us in the future.
Contact Palmer McGrew
        We also have a web site at Check it out for an idea of what
goes on and some pictures of past trips.
        Advanced Planning.With the approval of Palmer McGrew and the
Class Executive Committee, we are pleased to announce the USMA 1958 SKI
TRIP 2002. This is an alert message for all Ski '58 classmates and any
others who may be interested in joining
the group. Stand by for messages in the Ski '58 News and more detailed
information soon about the ski trip to Whistler-Blackcomb, British
Columbia, Canada.  Mark your calendars for Feb 24 - Mar 1, 2002. The
Northwest Trio of Tom Morgan, Gene Wilson and Pete Bahnsen are the
planners for this event.

        The Class Executive Committee(Excom) meets a number of times a
year to conduct class business.  We have changed the process from the
past and we want you to be aware of the changes.  Instead of working all
issues in the Excom as we have done for many years, we have assigned
areas of responsibilities to each member. Each Excom member chairs a
committee and the committee resolves issues within its responsibility.
The committees report to the Excom which will set policy and monitor
committee actions. The current committee assignments are:

    Click Here for the EXCOM (use your browser's back button to return here)

        Our record on writing Classmate’s Obits is not good. Some
Published in year 2000-- 6
Published since last July-- 5
At AOG waiting to be published-- 3
Yet to be  written-- 25 graduates, 6 non-graduates
Living articles in files of AOG-- 6
        Most of the memorial articles yet to be written are languishing
in the minds of the authors.  These need to be completed with deliberate
speed. As time passes, it becomes more difficult to gather information
and build enthusiasm to finish the job.  Authors and company CQs should
give these their attention.  If there are doubts as to who these are,
please contact Jack Downing at e-mail <> or tel
(703) 569-2887.
        The status of individual obitscan be checked at URL
        Consider writing your own memorial article, or at least putting
away some information that would help the person who will  write it.  If
you have ever had a biographical sketch written, this will do.  Also a
photograph that you would like to have used.  These will be filed by the
AOG until needed.  Contacts are:
Jack Downing                            Association of Graduates
7909 Jansen Ct.                        Attn: Ms. Jade Newman
Springfield, VA 22152       698 Mills Road, West Point, NY 10996-1611
        We would like to urge each of you  to visit the TAPS site at:,1123,usma1958,00.html
to add a eulogy to the site of any classmate you knew. The eulogies are
helpful  to Obit authors, and they provide comfort to the deceased’s
family and friends.
        Since the last newsletter, the following class deaths have
Harry C. Kirshner ex A-1, 25 Dec. 2000.
Elaine Bons, wife of Paul M. Bons C-1, 19 Dec. 2000.
George Edward Ellis A-2, 12 Jan. 2001.
Joseph M. DiTomasso F-2, 20 March 2001.

        Communications with its members and constituents are important
to the Class of 1958, the Academy, the AOG, and your Excom.  The means
at our disposal are, e-mail, the Company CCQ system using phone calls ,
periodic newsletters,  and the “Assembly”.  By far the fastest, best,
most efficient and cheapest is e-mail.  If you are not on e-mail, this
is a plea for you to join your 355 classmates, and get on e-mail.  Try
it and you will love it.
        We have started a widow's communication net over which they can
discuss matters of interest to them.  To become a member of this net
contact contact the moderator, Mary Kay Olson at <>.
          We need to improve our communications through the Company
CCQs. CCQs have the responsibility to get the word out quickly,
particularly to their Company members not on e-mail.  A first order of
business for Company CCQs this year is to get your guys on e-mail, and
to get them to subscribe to “Assembly”.  CCQs are responsible for
encouraging their Company mates to attend reunions, to participate in
class projects, to inform of deaths of Company mates and family members
and to take care of flowers and other requirements for the Company.  If
you are a CCQ and don’t want to be, let us know.  If you think your CCQ
is not doing the job and you would like to help, let us know.  We can
assign a new CCQ or add an assistant CCQ if that is appropriate.  A list
of current Company CCQs follows:

    Click Here for the CCQs (use your browser's back button to return here)

26 JULY Picnic and Willie Nelson at Wolf Trap, T. Bauer OIC
8 AUG Manassas Battlefield Tour, H. Puscheck OIC
15 AUG Plebe Hike at West Point, E. Weckel OIC (See below-Endowment)
23 AUG First Class Club Turnover, B. Pointer OIC
11 SEP WPSDC Family Picnic 1200-1600 Ft. Belvoir WPSDC
21-23 SEP Williamsburg Open (Golf), Tony Nadal OIC(See below-Golf)
SEP TBA Class Event
19 SEP WPSDC Fall Luncheon, Ft. Myer O Club, WPSDC
11 OCT Class Luncheon, D. Hruby OIC
1-4 NOV Mini Reunion in Santa Fe, N.M., T.Claffey OIC (Details below)
15 NOV Class luncheon with USNA 58 at ANCC, A. Andreson OIC
28 NOV A/N Football Luncheon, Bolling AFB O Club, WPSDC
1 DEC Army Navy game and rally at Alan and Florence Salisbury  home.

        The 1958 reunion and mini reunion schedule for the next few
years is as follows:
2001 is in Santa Fe, New Mexico
2002 is in Pensacola, Florida
2003 is at West Point for our 45th reunion
We are also discussing the possibility of a Washington, DC
area reunion, perhaps in Williamsburg or Gettysburg in 2004 or 2005.
San Diego is also a possibility in 2004 or 2005

The Mini reunion is shaping up nicely. With the latest additions,  the
head count for Mini-Reunion is now 258. That breaks down to 126
Classmates, 5 Widows and 127 Spouses/Guests.
        We are calling the 2001 Reunion "The Reunion Different
in the City Different". (Santa Fe, NM is known as "The City Different".)
The event is scheduled for the period 1-4 Nov '01. The nearest big city,
where most will fly in, is Albuquerque. It is about a 90 minute drive to
Santa Fe. Headquarters for the reunion, the bulk of the rooms reserved
and most of the activities will be at the beautiful La Fonda Hotel which
is just off the Plaza.   The tone will be totally informal, and Gerry
Schurtz will be armed with some dull scissors to remove any ties, other
than Bola Ties. Golf will be available to those who want to play a round
or two here in NM, at over 7,000 feet altitude. Bussing attendees to
various locations is not planned. Attendees will be provided with
information on what is available (a lot is within walking distance), but
with our effort to minimize structure and formality, everyone will have
abundant free time to visit any of the sites that interest them.
Mailings on the reunion has been sent out .If you want to attend and you
haven’t responded yet , contact one of the committee members below or
one of the Excom members.
The Committee assignments are:
        Chairman - Tom Claffey
        Operations - Mark Sigurski
        Finance - Tom Claffey
        Special Events - Gerry Schurtz, Bob McCann and Neil Mathis
        Public Relations - John Sutherland
        Golf- Tom Sands
We are looking forward to seeing you all 1-4 November 2001 in the
beautiful city different for a reunion different-BE THERE!!!

        It is not too early to think about and plan for the 2002 Reunion
to be  held on the beautiful white sands of Pensacola Beach, Florida,
April 22 - 24, 2002. 
        The theme of the reunion will be casual (no coat or ties) and
provide the opportunity to relax on the beach, renew friendships and
partake of the many attractions of the Pensacola area.
        Rooms have been reserved at two places ON the beach:  The
Hampton Inn and the Beachside Resort and Conference Center (about 300
yards from the Hampton).
        The Hampton has blocked 100 rooms for Sunday (April 21) and 125
rooms for Mon. - Thur. at $99 for sound side rooms and $129 for Gulf
side rooms.  Call the national reservation number 1 - 800 - HAMPTON (426
- 7866) or the hotel directly at 1 - 800 - 320 - 8108 and request the
reservation code "USM" for the West Point 2002 Reunion group discount
        The Beachside Resort has reserved 30 rooms for us at $99. 
(NOTE:  We need at least 10 room reservations for the Beachside to cater
our Tuesday evening pool/gulf side buffet).  Call 850 - 932 - 5331 or
1-800-232- 2416 and ask for our reunion rates.
        Both hotels have set aside rooms for the weekends before and
after the reunion for those folks who would like to come early or stay
late.  Each guest will be responsible for making their own
reservations.  There are a multitude of fees and taxes added to all
beach rooms which will be 14.5%.
         Ken Phillips is the guru and organizer for the reunion
       Phone:  850 - 934 - 3116   Email: <>
        COMPANY EVENTS THIS YEAR.  In addition to the many mini reunions
and other events scheduled, many Companies have organized micro-reunions
for their Company mates.  We think it is a great idea and we encourage
more of it.  Those Companies that have reported their activities have
their information published here.
        A-1. Company A-1 held its first micro reunion in Williamsburg VA on
17-20 May. Barrie and Mickie Williams hosted the event. All 24 of A-1
'58 graduates are alive and 17 of them attended along with 16 wives. Two
of the A-1 Tactical Oficers attended, and a third sent a letter to be
read at the micro. This quite a record.
        C-1.  Company C-1 held its 4th micro reunion in Salt Lake
City(SLC)on 23-25 March.  Traditionally C-1 has held micro reunions in
order to make it easy for Company mates to attend who would not
ordinarily be able because of health of family members or for other
reasons.  This reunion was no different, and it was originally planned
to accommodate Paul Bons’ wife Elaine who had been bedridden for many
years.  Unfortunately Elaine passed away before the reunion could be
held.  The Company decided to hold the reunion in SLC anyway and
everyone is glad we did.  Attendance was 14 classmates and wives.  As
part of the festivities C-1 attended the Founders Day Dinner in SLC and
was the largest contingent at the dinner. C-1 will be in force at Santa
        F-1.  Company FUN-ONE will enjoy its third 'annual' company
micro reunion in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire from 29 September to 3
October and hosted by Dick and Barbara Bauchspies.   Plans for this
micro reunion include an arrival  cocktail party at the Bauchspies'
summer home nestled in the White Mountains. Golf, tennis, site seeing,
swimming, horseback riding are on the schedule for starters and a cog
railroad trip to the top of Mount Washington or by auto is also planned
along with side trips to Canada. A total of 17 attendees are expected.
        Previous micros were held in Portland, Oregon - hosted by Terry
& Harriet Cornell and in Butte, Montana - hosted by Tim & Arlene McLean.
        K-1.  Company K-1 plans a micro reunion in the Fall of 2002 in
New Orleans.  K-1 with 5 couples was one fourth of the contingent on the
Elbe River Cruise.  K-1 says they will be in good attendance at Santa Fe
and Pensacola.
        A-2.  Company A-2 held a micro reunion in Pensacola to survey
the territory for the Pensacola Mini.  The Company is helping Ken
Phillips with the arrangements for the 2002 Mini.
        H-2. John and Susie Soper hosted a Micro Reunion for H-2
in San Antonio May 3-6. A dozen Company Mates and nine wives joined
hosts John and Susie Soper in having a great time at H-2’s first company
        Things got underway with a get-together Thursday night.  In
addition to sightseeing, there was golf on Friday and Saturday which
drew over half the guys. Friday night  John arranged a special boat tour
along the riverwalk followed by a group dinner at a barbecue joint that
has a great reputation with the locals.
        The Saturday finale was a dinner hosted by John and Susie at
their lovely home.  Some of us observed that having an H-2 get-together
made a great deal of sense, since most folks tend to spend a lot of time
with company-mates at the “big” mini-reunions.  Plans, albeit tentative,
are underway for a repeat performance.

        BLACK GRAY AND GOLD. Bill Parks, Joe Luman, Mel Drisko and John
Herren teamed well together to shoot 65 on the par 72 South Course at
Andrews AFB on Friday, May 11, 2001, in the Black, Gold and Gray Golf
Tournament Hosted by the West Point
Society of DC. They won 4th place on a match of cards. Joe Luman won
longest drive on the first hole, and won an umbrella donated by
Rolls-Royce through the kindness of our prolific scribe,
George Sibert. The foursome had five birdies and the rest pars to be the
oldest class to win in the Class Foursome Division. The division winners
shot 61; a 62 was second and a 64, third. 58? GOLFERS ARE HOT!
        WILLIAMSBURG OPEN.  Tony Nadal has organized The Williamsburg
open for 1958 golfers to take place from 21-23 September at Ford’s
Colony in Williamsburg.It seems we'll have a good turnout and I know
we'll have fun. Each player makes his own Hotel Reservations.
        Tony  recommends you stay at the Marriott Spring Hill Suites at
1644 Richmond Road (AKA HWY 60). Tel 757-941-3000. If at least 10
couples stay there the rate will be $89/night. This Marriott is about a
year and a half old and the rooms are  similar to Embassy Suites.
Other options include: Hilton Garden Inn, 1624 Richmond Road, Tel
757-253-9400, Rate $79.
Hampton Inn, 1880 Richmond Road, Tel 757-229-4900, rate $79.
Holiday Inn, 3032 Richmond Road, Tel. 757-565 2600, rate $59
Ramada Inn, 5351 Richmond Road, Tel 1-800-446-9200, rate $62.10
including breakfast.
All these rates are group rates so a single couple will pay more.
If you select the Marriott identify yourself as part of the West Point
58 Golfers.
        Tony needs $20 per male attendee who is playing golf for the
trophies, so get out your check books and mail me a check. That should
cover the ladies trophies as well. Tony plans to have three men's
flights and two ladies flights based on handicaps. There will be a low
gross and low net trophy for each flight.

        In accordance with a request from the Class, we opened the
Endowment contribution window in June, so that classmates who desired to
do so, could date their checks "4 June" in commemoration of our
graduation date. In addition, we suggested donations in honor of our
deceased classmates who had not yet been memorialized with a donation.
The response of the class was outstanding. We collected $8,339, and all
of our deceased classmates have been memorialized. The value of our
Endowment is $134,000. Thus far, the Endowment has the backing of 375
classmates, spouses and supporters. We will continue with last year's
practice of asking you to rally behind the marching 58ers who will be
representing our class during the Plebe - Alumni march back on 15
‘58 is on the march again. Twelve members of our Class will join with
the Class of 2005 in the 15 mile Plebe-Alumni March back from Camp
Buckner to West Point on 15 August. The marchers are: Bauer, Buchly,
Collett, Kubiak, Lewis J., Mignano, Pensiero, Roosma G., Salisbury,
Sedgwick, Ward and Weckel.
        Last year, over 100 classmates, spouses and friends supported
the four marching 58ers with a pledge. We raised over $15,000 for our
Class Perpetual Endowment. This year, we again solicit your support.
Remember - - the next best thing to being there is to rally behind your
marching classmates.
        If you are interested in supporting the marchers, please notify
Ed Weckel prior to 14 August at, or 120 Regent Drive, Bel
Air, MD, 21014 of the nature of your pledge - - either a per mile pledge
or a fixed amount.
        After the march is completed, instructions will be provided as
to how you may honor your pledge. Again, we are more concerned with the
number of classmates who support us, than in the total amount of money
we collect.
        The class History Project has completed the planning phase and
the leadership team for the project is now in place:
      Chair:  Alan & Florence Salisbury
      Publisher:  Doug Sedgwick
      Administrator:  Glenn Brown
      Art Dir/Designer/Multi-Media:  Frank Waskowicz
      Lead Editor/Historian/Editor, "War Stories":  Don Martin
      Editor, "Pass-in-Review":  Doug Sedgwick
      Editor/Statistician:  George Sibert
      Oral History:  Fred Goodenough
      Web Master:  Pete Trainor
        There is still room for other volunteers who would like to
support the project.  One open position is for a Class Archivist to
catalog and file (ie, store) all of the materials we will be gathering,
with the objective of ultimately turning them over to a permanent
archive somewhere.  Contact Alan at to discuss.
(Those who have previously volunteered to support the project will be
contacted again shortly to see where they can
best fit into the project.)
        The class should anticipate receiving the first call for inputs
to the 50 year  reunion book in late September.  This call will be in
the form of a questionnaire and format for submitting requested data. In
the meantime, war stories and other recollections of interest can be
sent to at any time.


        CLASS RING MEMORIALIZATION PROJECT.  Ron Turner (K-1) came up
with the idea of what has become known as the Class Ring Memorialization
Project.  The idea is that class rings donated to the project by members
of the Long Gray line will be melted down to become part of the raw
material for new class rings for new members of the Long Gray Line.
This becomes a reality for the class rings for the class of 2002. 
        Last year the Class of 1958 contributed five of some thirty
rings to the program--two donations were from classmates (Bacon and
Wyatt). The remainder belonged to fathers or stepfathers (Luck,
Isaacson, and the Roosmas).  The oldest ring donated last year
was from the class of 1903.  The latest from the AOG is that 12 rings
are now available for the Class Rings for the Class of 2003.
        The Class of 2002 will receive the first of the Memorial Rings
in late August at their ring ceremony.
        Look in your March/April issue of the "Assembly" for an article
by Tony Ferraiuolo of the AOG on the program or on the AOG Web Page
( on Class Programs, then Class Ring Memorial
        A number of you have contacted Ron Turner in the past regarding
rings that you are willing to donate to the program.  NOW IS THE TIME TO
        A number of us have discussed the program with our wives and
children and have pledged our rings when the time comes. Let Tony know
if you are one of these.
        If you have any questions contact Tony at 1-800-232-4723 ext
1563, or at  Please let Ron Turner know as
well so he can keep track of our participation.
looking for ways to include and increase widows of deceased classmates
participation in class activities and social events. We have asked
Audrey Webb, Dick  Webb’s widow to join  the Excom with the purpose of
increasing widow’s participation.  Our plan seems to be working.  We
have 5 widows signed up for the Santa Fe Mini and we believe the number
will go higher.

        DICK (RED) WARNER.   Some time ago Bin Barta and others have
suggested that perhaps the Excom could come up with a plan that would
allow the class to discreetly and effectively help those classmates who
may have fallen on hard times, and to help them out.  The following is
an example of what can be done by friends, team mates and company
mates.The following was reported by Bill Graf:
        Dick(Red) Warner received a presentation yesterday from Cadet
and  next year's football captain, Clint Dodson at the Highlands Nursing
Home in Laporte, PA. Clint presented Dick a football signed by the team
in recognition of Dick's "Courage and fortitude." My wife, Alicelee and
I attended along with Dodson's parents and many residents of the nursing
home. Dick was visibly excited and moved by the attention and ceremony.
    When we arrived at the home, which is in the beautiful "Endless
Mountains" area of NE Pennsylvania, activities Director Laurie Pysher
had already set up a large room. There was a large cake, with Dick's
name on it, punch and other snacks and residents were gathering. The
Dodson's had driven up from their home in the Allentown area. Dick
arrived under the escort of two nurses and other members of the staff.
    Dick's condition has worsened a little since I saw him last. He's
still walking,  but more precariously than a few months ago. He tries,
but cannot communicate and I now believe he has little understanding of
what's  going on around him. At least his attention span is 0. Near the
end of the hour-long ceremony, he looked at me, pointed and seemed to be
asking who I was. I said, "Dick, it's me, Bill Graf, your classmate and
old teammate." Dick broke into that big grin of his and said, "Holy
shit!" Those were the only two words I heard him put together. A moment
later I'm sure he had forgotten the connection. I gave Dick a photograph
I had of Dick standing between Red Blaik and Douglas MacArthur with
others of us crowding around. The photo was taken during one of
MacArthur's visits to our football practice. My Dad had the general sign
it and it has been hanging in my parent's den all these years
    Clint Dodson is a fine young man. Those of you who have followed
football will remember him as that big good-looking tight end-one of the
outstanding athletes on the team last year. I believe he got as much out
of this event as anyone. I think it important for a 21 year old West
Point soon-to-be graduate who thinks he has the world by the tail to
know that life is not fair and some drop between the cracks. Clint said
that he was going to ask the team to invite Dick up to WP next year to
sit on the sidelines with the team during a game.
    This event was very worthwhile. It couldn't have happened without
the help and support of Mike Hogan of AOG, MG Bob Ivany and John Simar
of the Army Football Lettermans' Club, Associate Athletic Director Tim
Fitzpatrick. Special thanks to classmates Joe Schwar, Mike Daley, Stan
Bacon and others who continue to monitor Dick's situation and provide
him needed support.

    CLASS ROSTER.  As been our custom, we plan to publish an updated
class address roster and to distribute it at the Santa Fe Mini. In order
to make it as accurate as possible, we invite you to send in any changes
or omissions to the current roster (address, phone numbers, area code or
even spouses names, which we might be missing) . The current roster in
electronic form can be found on the class home page maintained by Pete
Trainor at <  >.
        We would also like to remind everyone that we have an active
program to locate all our classmates who did not graduate with us and to
invite them to join with us. If you know or know of someone who might
know how to locate any of these missing classmates who did not graduate
with us, please provide George Lawton with this information and
we'll put out the search teams. Roster updates also go to George at
<> or telephone 703 978 2920.

Class Fund USMA 1958
Annual Report Calendar Year 2000
As of 31 December, 2000

(Managed by AOG)

Revenues                                    2000           1999
  Contributions                            $2,258.13       $6,746.13
  Dividends/Interest/CapGain(Loss)         (3,369.91)     11,485.21
Total Revenues                             ($1,111.78)    $18,231.34

Total Expenditures                         0.00            $8,061.96

Net Revenues                                ($1,111.78)   $10,169.38
Net Worth                                   $97,035.27    $98,147.05


  Interest, Dividends, Capital Gains       $1,956.41    $1,789.07
  Art Fund                                   1,910.65     1,955.00
  2000 (Port land) Mini Reunion              2,082.79         0.00
  Misc                                          35.84         4.31
Total Revenues                              $5,985.69    $3,748.38

  Federal Income Tax                          $119.00       $98.00
  Tax-exempt Status Filing Fee                 500.00        00.00
  Memorial Gifts                               425.00       132.20
  Printing, postage, supplies                  740.81       565.97
  Art Fund                                   1,181.53       820.59
  Gerry Capelle Award                          210.00       207.00
  Malone Endowment                             142.00       139.20
  Class Meetings/Functions                       0.00       177.16
  Misc.                                          0.00        86.75
Total Expenditures                          $3,318.34    $2,226.87

Operating Fund Balance Sheet

Checking Account                             $2,273.61    $1,557.39
Rushmore Funds Savings Account               27,192.32    13,470.77
US Treasury Bond                                  0.00    15,000.00
2001 Mini Reunion Fund                        3,000.00         0.00
T.Rowe Price Equity 500 Index Fund           20,015.65   22,068.51
Total Assets                                $52,481.58   $52,096.67

LIABILITIES                                       0.00         0.00

NET WORTH                                   $52,481.58    $52,096.67

Class Fund USMA 1958
Operating Fund
End of Year Net Worth

1993          $29,651
1994           36,736
1995           37,939
1996           37,749
1997           32,347
1998           48,684
1999           52,097
2000           52,482

Gerald C. Mitchell
Chairman Communications Committee