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Class Executive Committee
Name Responsibility
Andy Andreson Chairman
Tom Claffey Vice Chairman
Frank Waskowicz Secretary
Lee Miller Treasurer
Paul Vanture CCQ Coordinator/Class Obituaries
Palmer McGrew Social Activities Coordinator
Mike Mahler Member at Large

Class Officials

Jack Bradshaw Class President (Ex-Officio Excom member)
George Sibert Class Scribe (Ex-Officio Excom member)

Class Coordinators

Pete Trainor Web Site & Email Lists
Jack Downing Death Notifications
George Sibert Memorial Services
George Lawton & John Nun Address Roster
Palmer McGrew Flag Coordinator
Stan Bacon Prostate Cancer Support
George Lawton Perpetual Endowment Fund (Chairman)
Audrey Webb, Betsy Hall, Margie Downing, Barbara Raymond Widow Outreach Team