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Updated - Thursday, October 25, 2001

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Recent Notes:

1. The "Oregon Travel Guide" is a free booklet providing information on what to see in the state. The Oregon Travel Commission will mail it upon request. The number to call is 1-800-547-7842.

2. Clarification on golf sites: Friday's games(SEP 8) will be held the Persimmon course only, and Saturday's games(SEP 9) will be at Pumpkin Ridge. Golf rentals are available: Persimmon - $30 for steel clubs and
$40 for graphite; Pumpkin Ridge - $20 for 9 holes and $40 for 18 using Calloway clubs by Bertha.

You can now make reservations at the Marriott. A bit more information on the hotel situation. There are now two "downtown" Marriott hotels. The newer one is more downtown than the one we will be using. For purposes of insuring you get the correct hotel, you should identify yourself as being with the West Point reunion. As a second check, this hotel is located at 1401 Naito Parkway.

When you call the 800 number, you get "Marriott Central;" that is, the reservation service for the entire chain. You can call the hotel direct if you have questions pertaining to the hotel services. You are urged not to call the hotel direct for reservations, because the folks there have no better information than you. They would have to check with the central office also.  At this time, we have a block of 130 rooms reserved. It is possible that we may exceed that number, but as of today, we are well below that. So, if you are told that the hotel is full, there is some problem on the other end.

Again, the number to call for reservations: 1-800-228-9290.  If you have questions concerning hotel services, call: 1-503-226-7600.

Bob Miller asks that if you are coming and you attended the USMA Preparatory School at Stewart AFB, please identify yourselves to him via E-mail. [millerbee@home.com]

If you have questions, contact me or Terry Connell (tjconnl@aol.com),  Bob Miller (millerbee@home.com), or OK Hill [telephone: (503) 635- 5376].

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Don & Sondra DeJardin
Henry & Henriette Gordon
Ray & Pat Hanson
Fred & Patty Mayer
Herb & Betty Puscheck
Jim & Mimi Sigler
Cythia Sigler & Claudia Coates (guest of the Siglers)
John & D'Ann Stone
Dick & Amy Buckalew
Chuck & Patsy Densford + Patsy Derr
Bill & Jan Edwards
Chuck & Celia Hansult
Gary & Mary Kosmider
Tom & Mary Morgan
Phil & Steffie Raign
Don & Esther Roberts
Stan Toney & Antje Conrad
Jerry Lewis
Dick & Judy Oberg

Tony Forster & Ann Kirby
Jack & Lee May
Karl & Sue Oelke
Jerry & Margorie Prochaska
Paul & Virginia Vanture
Alan & Diane Chase
Bob & Sylvia Clark
Sam & Joan Collins
Sue Kernan
Will & Barbara Merrill
Gerry & Maria Mitchell
John & Laura Schaffer
Mark Sigurski & Karen Aylor
Jack Tancredi & Linette Markelle
Pete & Lana Bahnsen
Paul & Evelyn Ciasullo
Bill & Betty Harrison
Pete & Lynne Penczer

Al & Lois Pensiero
Bob & Marion Bunker
OK & Harriet Hill
John & Judy Galen
Herb & Carma Johnson
Bill & Nancy Gillette
Ray & Norma Miller
Paul & Patty Ruud
Heyward & Evelyn Hutson
Sam & Leslie Meyers
Charlie & Sandra Profilet
Bud & Virginia Davenport
Bob & JoLynn Puff

Dick & Barbara Bauchspies
Terry & Harriett Connell
Jerry & Faye Cook
Ben & Jane Crosby
Bruce & Wilma Hamilton
Andrea Jasaitis
John & Mary Kubiak
Tim & Arlene McLean
Tony & Billie Nadal
Bill & Oksana Stambaugh
Glenn & Kit Brown
Jim & Dottie Castle

Bill & Kathy Miles
Leo & Renate Sheehan
Andy & Artie Andreson
Bill & Carol Kelley
Mike & Sara Luck
Doug Sedgwick
Pete Trainor
Jack & Rachel Bujalski
Pat & Betty Donovan
Bob Julian
George & Mary Jane Lawton
Hugh & Margaret Morgan
Bob Pointer & Marianne O'Callaghan
Dan & Joan Carter
Tom Davies
John & Carol Devens
George & Gale Robertson
Dennis & Ann Rupprecht
Bob & Chris Dey
Jack & Margie Downing
Joe & Peggy Luman
Louis & Nancy Prime
Phil & Lynn Pryor
Garry & Jill Roosma
George & Judy Sibert
John & Patty Hill
Tony & Carole Smith
Gene & Ellie Wilson
Stan & Jill Bacon
Roger & Sandra Gaines '59 (ex-'58)
Pete & Carol Groh
Larry & Becky Hunt
Palmer & Ceda McGrew
Joe & Kathy Schwar

TK & Catherine Smith
Mel & Jane Drisko
Dick & Margaret Groves
Tom & Barbara Sands
Bill & Edna Mae Serchak
Bill & Ann Shely
Hugh & Ann Trumbull
Ron & Sue Turner
Tom Claffey
Harry Kramp
Art & Sue Meyer



Ken & Sherry Herberger
Bob & Norma Lindquist
Mike & Ellie Mahler
Bob & Suzanne Miller
Dick & Karen Reidy
Alan & Florence Salisbury
Chuck & Karen Teeter
Jay & Lois Tirre
Ron & Karin Hudson
Paul & Paula Johnson
Jae & Annie Stanton
Dave & Valerie Turner
Bob & Margaret Shellenberger

Bill & Ellen Clary
Ed & Rogena Dodd

Dick & Beverly Graves
Jack & Arlene Halsey
Ted & Willie Mae Hepner
Ken & Valerie Lager
Stu & Joanne Matt
Otto & Shirley Thamasett
Jude & JoAnne Theibert
Wally & Jo Ward
Bin & Jan Barta
Jack & Lynne Bradshaw
Ash & Sarah Haynes

Dale & Dodie Hruby
Bruce & Nancy Packard
John & Libby Schroeder