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This list will serve as the WP-ORG's Forum -- an area where graduates of the United States Military Academy can discuss, debate, support, etc. topics/issues of interest (OPEN FORUM with restrictions, read on). Only graduates can be members of this list.

The types of discussion that are allowed will be dictated by the members of the list. However, members are expected to be self-moderating -- that is, opinions or comments must be "becoming of a graduate" and the responses must reflect professionalism and proper decorum. The Forum is not for the light-hearted; issues of a controversial nature and with militant themes may at times be discussed.

The provider of this service SERVES NOTICE that opinions expressed within this list do NOT reflect the opinion of the provider, nor does the provider necessarily agree with them. If at any time a discussion within the list becomes, in the opinion of the list's moderator(s), heated to the point where common decency and courtesy are lost, the moderator(s) (i.e., the list-admin or the owner of this list) reserves the right to end the discussion.

List members are encouraged to advise the moderators (i.e., if, in the opinion of the list member, the discussion of a particular topic should be reviewed.

Members who do not abide by the above guidelines will be automatically suspended from the list.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.