Christmas tree in front of the Fire Fighter NYC mural.

Christma Tree 

Cake Bible made by KBR staff.


On the wall of the Mess Hall in Iraq.

Big Card 

Cake the staff baked for us.


Candy Houses made of M&M, pretzels and icing for the enjoyment of troops.

 Candy House 1
Candy House 2
Candy House 3

The staff carved these pumpkins as displays for the mess hall.

Eagle Pumpkin
Lion Pumpkin
Rose Pumpkin

The ice cream bar with cakes, pies and ice cream.


Ice Cream Staff

LTC Michael McGurk and KBR staff.

 Mike and KBR Staff

The staff made a life size crèche with palm fronds and papier-maché; Santa in front of the crèche.

Life Size Creche

The staff dress up as elves serving dinner.

 Serving Staff
Serving Staff

Steamed shrimp cocktail and tree.

 Shrimp Bowl and Tree

 Santa Sleigh with candy, nuts and fruit.