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About the Technology Committee: The Technology Committee was formed during an Advisor board meeting on August 26,2000. The purpose of forming the commitee was to ensure that we offer our subscriber's the best possible technical resources while visiting our web-site or using our services. The technology committee specializes in maintaining the hardware and software for WP-ORG's Internet. Our technology committee has considerable experience in many areas to meet the needs of the growing WP-ORG demands.

Our Committee Members:

Susan Howard Chairman, Systems Engineer, WP-ORG
Ditus Bolanos Co-Chairman, Advisor, WP-ORG
Warren Hearnes Advisor, WP-ORG, Member
TBA Member
TBA Member
Our Misson: To support the Community of West Point graduates, families, and cadets with research and technical experience that will:

Maintain and support all technology currently used by WP-ORG.
Upgrade and create new technology for our growing needs.

Our Goal: Is to continue to improve the current technical services including hardware and software while ensuring our subscribers access to trouble free resources while accessing our web site and services.

What's New:

Our very Talented Advisor, Ditus Bolanos, created a Priority Tracking tool called VPT that is being used internally by all advisors to track and maintain all requests that come in. This new tool has allowed WP-ORG advisors and staff to stay current in handling all requests that come in by our sibscriber's.

Coming Soon:

We are currently working on ways to be able to upload pictures to the Eulogy pages without having to FTP. More to come.

Sending automated DNS messages to the class instead of moderator.