WP-ORG: Value For Your Dollar

WP-ORG is a small non-profit, run on a shoe string.  As Warren explained two weeks ago, West-Point.Org was hit with a ransomware attack in July, and it’s truly ONLY because of the dedication of Warren himself (our CIO), Steven Brunasso (a friend whose dad was ex-cadet Class of ’66) and Megan Klein, Wonder Woman of West-Point.Org, that we’re still here to serve you.

During routine maintenance work, the three of them noticed that something was amiss and immediately began locking down the system to protect it. Warren flew out to Austin the weekend of the attack and he, Megan and Steven began the painstaking work of rebuilding WP-ORG from bare metal.  

Warren is paranoid and Warren keeps backups of backups of backups. Really, he does. And Megan and Steven have always rolled their eyes and made fun of him. Warren had the last laugh because it was his backups that saved the day. Backups that were completely untouched and hidden in some dusty corner even ransomware couldn’t find!

Quick action and dedication saved West-Point.Org, so that we can continue to serve you. Yes, the recovery was painstaking work and extremely time consuming – but done quietly and without complaint – hallmarks of how West-Point.Org has operated and served you for all these years.

Our semi-annual fund drives are very modest – we have a bare bones budget and value for the dollar is extraordinary.  I can think of no other organization that has the dedicated folks that got West-Point.Org back up and running – literally working 24/7 for all too many days.

The recent ransomware attack proved the value of how we do business and I truly hope that you will join me in making a donation to West-Point.Org so we can continue to serve the Long Gray Line.

Below my signature is a ton of information on how to donate – via credit card, PayPal or check, as well as the details on our budgets (past and present) and our IRS letter confirming our 501(c)(3) status.

Many thanks for helping us continue to serve you.
Megan Hostler
West-Point.Org Advisor

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Author: Dian Welle