WP-ORG: Rangers Lead The Way! Go Army Beat Navy!

Thank you for your support over the years.  We are nearing the close of our semi-annual fund drive and need a final push to get across the finish line.

I’m writing this email as I watch the Army / Air Force game.  During the game, the television announcer asked both superintendents about life at the Academies.  Each of the generals defaulted to how great these kids are at the two institutions.  It’s true – these kids are some of our nation’s best.

The transformational process at West Point is awesome.  It starts with 17-18 year old kids and four years later spits out combat ready officers.  The plethora of real leadership opportunities at West Point is difficult to replicate.  It permeates the daily life of every cadet.  Through forced leadership experiences, the cadets emulate the leadership qualities they respect, and they hone their individual leadership style.  I don’t know of any other college environment that offers this leadership crucible.  It is truly unique to the service academies.

I am proud of attending and graduating from West Point.  I have returned for each of my reunions and look forward to my 25-year reunion in 2021.  I am proud of my time serving our country in the US Army.  And I am proud of the job that our small team has done getting WP-ORG back up and running.  It was impressive to watch from the sidelines.  We still have work to do, and we won’t stop until the job is finished.

WP-ORG exists to support whatever online needs exist in the greater West Point community.  WP-ORG has nurtured this online community for over 20 years and continues to provide services to this amazing group of people.
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Cameron Price
USMA ’96 – For Freedom We Risk

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Author: Dian Welle