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Last weekend I was proud to host my USMA 1996 classmates at our annual mini-reunion down here on the Gulf Coast. It was a wonderful time of camaraderie, story telling, shenanigans, and some things I shouldn’t repeat or might not remember 🙂 What a great group we have that makes this annual pilgrimage!

One of the best parts of these yearly gatherings is that I get to meet new friends and classmates. With around 1,000 classmates, there were a lot of people who I didn’t know while at the Academy. Seeing new faces and reconnecting with old friends is part of the magic of these mini-reunions.  It is fun to hear what everyone is doing in their current life, most of them outside of the military community.

West-Point.Org does this same thing daily across the entire community of graduates. All of the West Point graduates who I know are awesome people, upstanding members of their community, caring and hard-working individuals, successful in their chosen profession.

I challenge each of y’all to connect with someone who you may not know, another member of the greater West Point community. I guarantee that it will be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Also, please make the time to donate to our semi-annual fund drive for West-Point.Org.  We are over 92% of the way to the finish line. Help us complete the mission!

Cameron Price
For Freedom We Risk 1996

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Cameron Price
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Author: Dian Welle