Bon's LARGE Video Clip Collection

In 1999, Bandit and I were still very busy doing jumper activities. This is from one of the B shows we did at the  here in Austin
Jumper.AVI 15MB - if you want to see more pics from these shows or Bandit's jumper days here are some other links.
Decker Lake 1
Decker Lake 2

Sometimes folks send me really hilarious videos over the internet. I don't know WHERE some of these come from or who to give credit to, but I can't resist sharing these with my friends. Hope they make you laugh as much as I do whenever I watch them...

Alien Song 3.1MB - this is a good one to watch if you are feeling blue or missing the X-files "classic" cast.
AutoPlane 1MB - here's what happens if you aren't careful with the autopilot.
Cat Commercial 7.8 MB - here's that amazing video from the Super Bowl commercial - herding cats.
Vacation 338KB - this is a short but very impacting clip

Here is a link to a web page of some 9/11/01 Humor. This is an index to some still humorous pictures.

Somtimes I get some good HOME VIDEO....

Urge 1.1MB - here's a home video of my cat watching a bird-p0[[[[[p-[a (and her comments)

I used to own a REDHEADED TB mare who I first did dressage on. Here are some precious first dressage tests captured to music:

Fair Oaks Schooling Show  1.3MB  Walk Trot - goal was to stay IN the arena and ON the horse. WHEW! That worked out. I think this was in 1994 or 1995. The following year I took her and Bandit to a combined test schooling show here in Austin. I really had thought she was over her show nerves, but I guess she wanted to express her opinion about me trying to show TWO horses and not giving her my full attention. Carol Schmickrath (my current dressage trainer) was judging and Carolyn White (my friend where I board) was scribing. I couldn't have had a better audience. HAHAHAHAHA.

And of course this wouldn't be complete without some jumping foibles. Here are Bandit and I in a jumping lesson. Mostly things are going VERy well. Triple Combination 567KB, In and Out 379KB And some stills of us jumping again if you hate to download large videos.

And of course I have to end with some more current video. Bandit and I pretty much got hooked on dressage in 2000 and haven't jumped since. BE CAREFUL - this could happen to YOU to if you don't watch out. ;)
Extended trot 1.4MB - playing at Carol's Jan 2001
Intermediare -I Trot Work 12MB - Zig Zag and Extended - Nov 2001
I1 Canter Work - Zig Zag - 5.7 MB Nov 2001
I1 Tempi Series - 3's and 2's 9.7 MB Nov 2001

Clinic with Sonja Vracko in Jan 2003:

A line of 1 tempis... a little quick but still not too bad. 1.3 MB file
and a bunch of work including some pirouettes. HUGE file tho (14 MB)

Lesson at Carol Schmickraths in Mar 2003:

some piaffe to passage work. A 1.2 MB file. Now if I could only KEEP that huge step. 

In 2005, Bandit and I have ventured into the GP arena. Not easy but here is a collection of video and jpg pictures:
2005 Bandit and Bonney

Hope you enjoyed these. Last update May 29, 2005.