Above original drawing "Ginko" by Leslie Epstein

My  Canuck friend, Corinne Leek, finally got around to sending me a picture of her new foal Espionage or Spy for short. Corinne came to visit me in Feb of 97.

Spy was born in May 1996 and is a Hannovarian TB cross. She also sent a picture of her mare Troika who looks to have a kind eye, but I heard who can be a terror when she choses NOT to be caught. Here's the only KNOWN picture of CB and Twol . It's also a great picture to look at when it's 100 degrees in Texas. Twol is the Hannovarian daddy of Spy. And the latest addition to be to this Canuck's family Toby, a sweet puppy face if I ever saw one.

Another northern friend, Fruit Loopy Canuck Susan Deike, riding Spotty Brown her TB mare.

Her 2 other geldings,Solstice and Vinnie 'the hoof' shown here watching her ride this summer. I think you can spot a few gopher holes in the pics if you look carefully. Suz came to visit me on Halloween of 1997 - here's a record of her visit to Bon's Sport camp bed and brekkie.

Bear came to live with us for a short time in 1996. We found her a home when she and Digger decided that fighting was more fun than getting along. John could almost not bear to give her up but we found her a good home with a loving Mom who promised to keep her indoors and safe.

This is a photo of Judy Bergman and her horse Rocky. Check out the beautiful sky and mountains in this Arizona shot.


My evil twin sister from south Texas Cyndi Craig gave me these pics of her paint mare Lisa

and her bay Arab gelding Muscatyr .

Jane Kilberg from south Texas has lots of fun with Spots and matching bows .

Val Frazier took a trip to Ireland this past summer. Cross Country!

and more jumping , and steps . Here's a picture of her going Cross Country with her colorful horse Bye .

I guess it runs in the family. This is a picture of my niece Paige showing off her beautiful National Show Horse called Ernie. Look at how long that tail is.

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