Mr. Edward R. Evans

Cullum: 26064

Class: 1965

Cadet Company: M1

Date of Birth: February 11, 1944

Date of Death: January 20, 2020

Died in: Paramus, NJ

Interred: Cedar Hights Cemetery, West Milford, NJ - View or Post a Eulogy


Mr. Edward R. Evans Edward Roger Evans was born in Middletown, NY on February 11, 1944 to parents Lillian and Edward Evans. He had an older sister, Constance Evans Dinallo. Growing up, Edward was a precocious child, clever and able to pick up on things quickly. He loved learning in school, making friends, getting good grades and always applying himself to further enhance his future. No obstacle was out of his reach and no challenge too hard to overcome.

In his adolescent years, Edward fostered many pets, including his most prized, a rabbit named Bugs, whom he loved and adored. His kindness, compassion and generosity always shined through. These traits are what he is most remembered for. In his teen years, Edward attended Nyack High School, where he immersed himself in his studies, participated in after-school activities, and made lifelong friends.

In 1961, after graduating from high school, he was accepted into the prestigious United States Military Academy, learning the core values of honor, duty and service, for which he always stood. He was tenacious, dedicated and determined. His motto was “Never give up!” He is known for telling his kids, “Failure is inevitable, but what counts is how quickly you get back up!” This saying still resonates with his children to this day. He taught them to be resilient and to look at mistakes as lessons learned, instead of regrets. He taught them to always listen to their gut, telling them, “If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.” Along with his sage advice, Edward had the best sense of humor, always making others laugh while poking fun at himself. While in college, Edward recounted a humorous story in which he became somewhat envious of his roommate, who had a photographic memory, having only to glance at a page to retain information. “If all of us were that lucky,” he used to say with a cheerful grin on his face. There were also many accounts of Edward exchanging ammunition supplies with the Navy for lobsters and steak when they came into port. Needless to say, a big bonfire cookout ensued, and everyone had a great time!

Furthermore, after graduating West Point in 1965 with a degree in engineering, Edward proudly became a captain in the United States Army, serving two tours in Vietnam from 1965 to 1971. Most of his duties in Vietnam consisted of counter terrorism and intelligence work, while also experiencing combat. Although his tours of duty were not easy, by any means, Edward always exemplified grace under pressure and overcame adversity with confidence and finesse.

After being honorably discharged from the Army in 1971 and entering civilian life, he enrolled in Fordham Law School and graduated with a law degree, thereafter, successfully passing the bar exam. In the early 1970s, he married, became a father of three children and resided in West Milford, NJ. Family meant everything to him. He would convey to his kids to “always stick together and support one another,” even when times were tough. Edward had possessed a great business acumen, practicing real estate law in Bergen and Passaic counties, New Jersey, for nearly 40 years. All his clients spoke very highly of him and, by word of mouth, his law practice flourished. He enjoyed helping others in his community, often doing work pro bono.

In addition, Edward epitomized a strong work ethic and told his kids growing up, “If you make a commitment to something or someone, you have an obligation to honor that commitment and follow through with it.” Edward’s words of wisdom persist to this day. He was a man of great character and integrity and an immensely bright light in this world that not even death could extinguish. He instilled in his children to always do the right thing, even if doing the right thing was sometimes harder. He never expected perfection from anyone, only asking for people to do the “best they can.” He possessed strong morals and values that one could only hope to emulate.

Finally, in 2013, after suffering a few health setbacks, Edward spent the last six-and-a-half years at the NJ Veteran’s Memorial Home in Bergen County. He enjoyed retirement by playing bingo, exchanging war stories with fellow veterans, and reestablishing epistolary relationships with friends and former classmates. He had a great love of music. His favorite band was Fleetwood Mac. Edward specifically loved their rendition “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks. The family used to sing it together in the car, loudly and off key, on their way to fishing trips. Although the last years of his life were difficult, Edward handled every obstacle with dignity, humor and grace. His children miss their father every single day but find solace in knowing that he is in in Heaven with God and free of the physical burdens that plagued him in life. He left behind a legacy of love. To love and be loved, that’s all that matters in this world, and Edward was the very essence of that.