Mr. Bruce R. Corley

Cullum: 25446

Class: '64

Cadet Company: G1

Date of Birth: February 9, 1941

Date of Death: February 16, 2013 - View or Post a Eulogy

From the Howitzer:
Semi-brat and prep schooler, Ralph and his sense of humor and good nature has added mirth and happiness to many of the grey Cadet days. He fought it out with the Academic Department his first two years, but he found a system to beat them, Cow Year. "Peanut's" consideration for others and his ability to make all things seem good, will always keep him with close friends.




Bruce Ralph Corley

2/9/1941 – 2/16/2013

Ralph Corley passed away February 16, 2013 after a courages battle with Dementia, he was 72 years old. Ralph is survived by his wife, Kathy Watson Corley of Georgetown, and by his oldest son, Bruce Wayne Corley and wife, Angela Corley of Dallas; his daughter Paige Robinson Corley and husband Seth Footlik of Saint George, Utah; his son Kerry Jack Corley and wife, Stacey Corley and grandson, Case Jack Corley, of Austin, Texas. He is survived by his sister, Bette Rose Bowers and husband, Michael Bowers of Atlanta, Georgia and their children, Carl Wayne Bowers, Bruce Bowers and wife, Deanna, and Michelle and Frank Blancato and nephews and a niece. He is survived by his cousin, Danny Wayne Robinson of Los Angeles, California. Ralph is survived by many sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws and many more family and friends. He is preceded in death by his parents, Bruce Wayne Corley and Rose Frances Robinson Corley of Virginia.

Ralph was lucky all his life, he valued family, spending time with his children and playing sports. He was born February 9, 1941 in Elizabeth County City, Virginia, more commonly known as Hampton. His father was in the Army and his mother stayed at home and cared for him and soon his sister, Bette Rose who was born the next year. The family was stationed in France and Germany finally settling back in Arlington,
Virginia where his father served in the Army as a Warrant Officer and his mother worked in the government offices. Ralph graduated Hampton High School and joined the Army, soon after he was appointed commission into the United States Military Academy at West Point and started prep school and four years of higher education. During those years he was Editor of the The Pointer Magazine, he performed in many plays and participated in many activities. Those years were filled with learning and opportunity and Ralph rose to all challenges as he would continue when his enlistment into the Army began in 1964 after
graduation. Ralph completed Ranger School with Airborne Wings. He served as Senior Advisor to a Vietnamese Battalion during 1967, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Air Medal, Ranger Tab, and the Combat Infantryman's Badge obtaining the rank of Captain. When his duty was up he enrolled in the University of Texas School of Law and obtained his J.D. in 1972. He practiced as an attorney at the Waters Rights Commission in Austin and the Environmental Protection Agency in Dallas as Staff Attorney, Senior Attorney and Region VI Office of Regional Council as Acting Chief of the Water Section. He left the EPA for a few years and co-founded a local newspaper called the “Dallas Downtown News” in 1977-1979 and then returned to EPA. Ralph's forte was his intelligence and ability to eliminate the minutia of life and cut to the bottom line, those of you who knew him know this, during his tenure at EPA he successfully negotiated over 600 major environmental cases and received national attention and recognition with the Department of Justice as an expert in negotiations.

In 1995, he retired from public service and his passion turned to wide open spaces, salt-water fishing and marine life. He moved to the Gulf Coast and fished and rode his bicycle everyday while exploring North
Padre Island in Corpus Christi, Texas, spending as much time as possible with his children and enjoying a less hurried pace having breakfast every morning with the Old Poops driving his red TR4 3 or 4 miles a day then returned to fish from his Gulf Coast pier at his back door. He loved cats and had many over the years. He would fish the marshes with a cast net and share his catch with the Herons who would accompany him daily. Ralph loved nature and water and was an avid sportsman and fan, his favorite team was the Dallas Cowboys.

In 2002 he was diagnosed with a rare type of dementia, Primary Progressive Aphasia Fronto-Temporal Dementia with right hemisphere dominance for language, and as illness became more prominent in his life he moved to a retirement community, Sun City in Georgetown, Texas where he lived with his wife, Kathy and many animals, he fed the deer in the backyard and enjoyed the wild turkeys and birds.

He lived a wonderful life, he would always crack a joke or have a smile, Ralph made the best of his illness and enjoyed his children and sister, Bette Rose, who was always on his mind and lips, he didn't
recognize many and his speech became limited but he would say her name when he could speak no other words. His eventual decline led him to the Christopher House, an in-house hospice facility in Austin, Texas. He arrived on a Tuesday and departed on a Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 7:24 pm. He was called home. He is greatly missed by all and will live forever in our hearts.

Ralph Corley Memorial Service scheduled for Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 11:00am, at Grove Hill Memorial Park, 3920 Samuell Blvd., Dallas, TX 75228, graveside ceremony located at Garden of Faith section.