COL Robert J. Michela USA (Retired)

Cullum: 25300

Class: '64

Cadet Company: I1

Date of Birth: July 6, 1938

Date of Death: April 22, 2010 - View or Post a Eulogy


It is with heavy heart that I forward this message:

"It is with great sadness that I send this note to you today to tell you that your friend and classmate, Bob Michela, passed away on Thursday, 22 April 2010, after a long and courageous 5-year battle with colon cancer. I know you will remember him for his great gifts as a leader, an athlete and a person who saw the best in everyone and who could make us laugh and want to be near him. Bob and I were fortunate that we had the gift of those years for Bob to do what he loved - his work, his skiing, his tennis tournaments and being around his friends and family. Bob was a passionate advocate for living life to the fullest, even fighting this tough battle. He never gave up hope, stayed fit and lived his life with passion and good humor until the end, when he died peacefully in my arms.

For those who wish to remember Bob in a special way, if any of you wish to do so, in lieu of flowers, a gift in memory of Colonel Robert J. Michela, US Army (Retired) may be made to the Institute of Cancer Care at Mercy Hospital, and mailed to the Mercy Health Foundation, 301 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202. A notation can also be made on the check "Dr. Armando Sardi's Research Fund".

Bob will be buried at Arlington National Cemetary, following a chapel service, with date and time to be announced later.

Fondly - Catherine Michela"



Eulogy by Bob and Angie Magruder