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As we enter WP-ORG’s 24th year and consider the future, we find ourselves in need of more than simply financial help from our members. WP-ORG was built by a core group of volunteers with varied skill sets who came together to create this non-profit organization that enables graduates, parents, and friends of the military academy to maintain and strengthen the associations that bind us together. We strive to provide this community any requested support, consistent with this purpose, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In recent years, death, career transitions, and health concerns have whittled away at our Board of Advisors. Our technical bench has suffered similarly. To be clear, WP-ORG is a non-profit with a very small budget. We are not hiring. Rather, we are looking for those who wish to volunteer their time and talent in support of a little organization that has had a big footprint in the West Point community for nearly a quarter of a century. We’ll outline a few places where interested individuals might be able to help:
Technical operations: The hardware of WP-ORG lives in a data center in Austin TX. It consists of network attached storage (NAS) servers, Linux servers running on VMWare ESXi for virtualization, rsync for backups, a MariaDB MySQL database, HP Switches and a Fortigate firewall. Some of this hardware was obtained via in-kind donations from grads and it has served us well. As the hardware ages, we are considering moving some or all of our operations to the cloud.

  • We have a Fortigate Firewall running the latest OS. We are looking for experienced volunteers to help set up and secure our network.
  • We run our current on-premise virtual machines using VMWare ESXi as hosts and our Synology NAS for disk space. We are looking for experienced volunteers to help us set up, maintain, and upgrade these VMs as well as develop and execute disaster recovery plans.
  • We will be evaluating various cloud providers in the near future as our current hardware ages. We are looking for experienced volunteers who have moved on-premise to either a hybrid- or full-cloud structure.
  • We can find projects for anyone experienced with Linux system administration, LDAP, MySQL, and web development.

Financial: From a business perspective, WP-ORG is looking for a volunteer CFO and a volunteer bookkeeper with QuickBooks skills. 501(c)(3) experience in both of these roles would truly be an asset.
If you are interested in donating time and talent to fill any needs outlined above, please respond to this message.
We also still enthusiastically accept donations of treasure!https://www.west-point.org/donate
Ring Recovery: Ring Recovery is a group under WP-ORG’s umbrella with the mission to find and repatriate lost USMA class rings. They’re looking for help too: Like a well-worn ring, the founders of West Point Ring Recovery are starting to show a little wear. We would welcome a few volunteers who wish to assist us in our efforts to save and protect West Point rings. Contact Michael McGurk ’85 at USMArings@west-point.org.
Thank you, 
Megan Klein & Warren Hearnes
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Author: Dian Welle