Survey Questions for West Point Graduates

USMA Graduate,

Thank you for attempting to take the 1997 USMA Graduate Survey, but we
have closed the site for that survey at this time.  That survey was open
to West Point graduates for 6 weeks and was kept open for almost 4 weeks
longer than originally advertised.  The volunteers are almost done with
their analysis and can be certain of having the results available to all
graduates in the first week of March 1998.  West-Point.Org has had 15
volunteers working since Thanksgiving developing and now analyzing this
survey. The results will be worth seeing.  An announcement of the survey
results availability will be sent to all graduates by email. We will
have a site on the internet that will provide the analysis of the data
as well as provide a look at all the comments, if desired.  There will
also be an email site for those without the internet and that will allow
much of the results to be forwarded to email only graduates.  All of the
needed instructions will be in the message to all graduates that
announce the availability of the results.  Tnanks again for attempting
to take the survey.

Bob Magruder '64
Survey Team Leader

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