Soldiers can apply for hardship, isolation allowance if impacted by stop-move policy

Army personnel can apply for hardship pay and isolation allowances if they’ve been impacted by the Pentagon’s halt on permanent change of station moves during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, service leaders said Thursday during a call with reporters.

If a soldier and their family isn’t interested in moving any longer, they can also apply through Human Resources Command to remain in place.

“The Army proactively stopped movement to protect our soldiers, preserve our capability and protect our nation,” said Lt. Gen. Duane A. Gamble, the Army’s deputy chief of staff G-4. “The stop-movement allows for very few and very specific exemptions for personnel movement that are currently being adjudicated at a very high level.”

Exemptions are limited to rare cases, like extreme family hardships, Army officials said. Those exemptions would have to be approved at the Army’s vice chief of staff level, they added.


Author: Dian Welle