Grad Spotlight

Grad Spotlight for October 2018

Grad Spotlight – October 2018

Garrett Cathcart ’04

Notable Accomplishments and Achievements:

– Highly sought after executive non-profit leader and board member serving America’s veterans.

– Regional Director of Team Red, White and Blue
Team Red, White, and Blue (Team RWB) enriches the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their communities through physical and social activities. Authentic community is built through genuine and empathetic relationships–while deliberately infusing leadership development.

Veterans are indispensable leaders and when they continue to lead after transition they make their communities better–and as a result our Nation better.

Garrett Cathcart ’04, as regional director is responsible for strategy, leadership development, growth, and management of programming in 41 U.S. cities.

– Board member at VetLanta and Bunker Labs – Atlanta

– Emory MBA, 2018

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