This is where your title goes


A table is a simply a section. Tables help you to use your space well.

This can serve as your sidebar. It contains whatever information you would like to put in it.


Often this is used for links.

Link to an address

Link to a URL


This where the body of your message goes.

  • You can make lists
  • such as this
  • and this

You can then go back to normal text, change style of the font, or the color of the font.


You can add tables within tables (this table has two columns and two rows) to assist with space-saving and also to assist you to line things up better (This table shows its borders, unlike the first two tables)

You can put pictures here, or text.

You can center your text
Or you can ask that your print go off to one side or the other. 

To copy this template

Click on File

Click on "Save As"
Save the template and name it "template3.html"
(remember where you save it)

Work on it a little.... Do not be afraid to play with it.
Open your program (html or graphic html editor)
click 'file', click open, and find the file you saved called template 3.html.
If you run into problems, do not worry. Do the best you can. Make some changes, and then....

Upload it to your site (ask for help if you do not know how)

Send the URL to webheads, and we'll help you with the trouble you are having.