Survey Questions for Members of WP-ORG


1 Name (optional)  

Email (optional)  

2 Indicate sex:  
3 What is your affiliation  
4 Type of computer you use:  
5 For personal computer users, what is your machine's CPU type:  
6 For personal computer users, how much memory does your computer have:  
7 What is your internet connection:  
8 What is your preferred e-mail application?  
9 Is your computer capable of multimedia (has soundcard, speakers, great monitor, etc):  
10 What is your preferred browser?  
11 Who is your internet service provider (ISP)?  
12 Do you know how to use the Netscape Composer on Netscape 4.0x or the Publish feature on Netscape 3.0x Gold?  
13 Do you have access to a scanner?  
14 Have you used outside service for scanning?  
15 What kind of printer do you use?  
16 Which of WP-ORG's list are you an active member of?    
17 Check all that applies. Who/What should finance WP-ORG:  
18 What is your opinion on WP-ORG's fund raising efforts (Check all that applies):  
19 If we establish a relationship with, the world's largest book store, to list books of interest to our readers, which would be sold at no additional markup to our members, and would result in commissions to WP-ORG, would you buy books through WP-ORG?  
20 If WP-ORG were in the consulting business, would you hire WP-ORG consultants?  
21 What should be WP-ORG service focus (Check all that applies):  
22 What WP-ORG Services do you use (Check all that apply):  
23 What other services would you like WP-ORG to offer:  
24 Do you have any sites in the following areas which you might like to be hosted on WP-ORG?  
25 If you would have WP-ORG host your web page, how much would you pay for services (Check all that apply):  
26 What is your opinion of WP-ORG leadership:  
27 What is your opinion of WP-ORG moderators:  
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