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WP-ORG's '98 Plebe Parent Weekend Survey
(Private Effort - Not an official West Point site or survey)

SURVEY is now closed (November 27, 1998)!

The Plebe Parent Weekend survey has been closed for input. Thank you for visiting this site. If you have questions, please contact Dolf Beil.

WP-ORG's Plebe Parent Weekend Questionnaire site! (:>)

The following web pages have been established to allow Plebe Parent Weekend '98 attendees to provide feedback on the event. This information will be summarized and provided to appropriate USMA officials to indicate the collective parents' impressions of Plebe Parent Weekend. By establishing a factual basis of review, it is hoped that more informed decisions about the future events can be made.

This cyber-questionnaire is not a vote. Rather, it presents a structured way to provide factual information regarding your impressions of the event. Hopefully by working together, parents can provide input to assist in improving the event for future years.

Thank you in advance for helping with this effort.

Best regards,

Dolf Beil