Rakkasans Soldier transitions to West Point cadet

WEST POINT, NY — Coming into West Point as a prior enlisted Soldier provides positive benefits for not only Class of 2022 Cadet Tony Britvec, but also for his fellow cadets.

“The nice thing about being a prior service Soldier is the maturity you bring to a group, especially that knowledge of how to carry yourself,” Britvec said. “Being level-headed in times of stress is something that is very hard to do, it’s very hard to teach. You don’t have an actual example of it around, that’s what the greatest advantage of being a prior enlisted soldier is before becoming an officer.”

As Company C-3 team leader and the only prior service member in his squad at the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition, Britvec credits his knowledge of the competition to his teammates and to the academy for his preparation.

“I think that the training West Point has provided all the Sandhurst teams going into this competition has been absolutely fantastic,” Britvec said. “All the teams going into this competition are going to be very strong.”

Britvec’s passion for working for the greater good and helping others, is what motivated him to join the Army while he was still a senior in high school.


Author: Dian Welle