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Various Early Cadet Uniforms
(photo courtesy of
United States Military Academy Public Affairs Office).

Welcome to the West Point Parents Club of Mississippi Web Site. This site was created and is maintained as a service to our West Point Cadets, those have graduated West Point, for those young Mississippians who may be interested in attending the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, and for the parents of Cadets - current and prospective. We hope that you find this site to be of interest and informative to you. Please feel free to send comments to the webmaster or any officers of our organization (see link at left).

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Download to your computer the USMA Screen Shots! Click the hyperlink to your left to download the 'hot" (ready to go - executable) file to your computer. You may want to save it to your "My Downloads" or "My Documents" folder on your PC. After the download, you may have to double-click on the newly-downloaded file to install it. These are great WP shots that will make you proud of your cadet and West Point.
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