The Metro-North commuter trains run between Garrison and Grand Central Station in NYC. Schedule and ticket info here:

Tickets may be purchased on line, in a vending machine at the station (use a credit card), or on the train. Just board the train when it stops, find a seat, and wait for the conductor to get to you.

Free overnight parking is allowed at the Garrison train station on weekends/holidays. There is a fee during the week of $2.50/16 hrs. and $4.00/24 hrs.

The most current station information is available at:

1 Upper Station Road, off Route 9D
Garrison, NY, 10524
(49.9 miles to Grand Central Terminal)

Garrison Train Station

Upon arrival at the train station in Garrison, there are three possible ways to get to West Point:

(1) cadet ferry:

(2) taxi: There are typically the names of taxi companies posted at the train station.  Be aware, however, that some may charge outrageous fees, and it's best to confirm the price (or price per person) before getting in.

(3) personal auto: Firsties have cars on post, and have been known to go pick up other cadets - depending on when, other duties, etc.  However, this is arranged between cadets and best arranged in advance.

NOTE: Taxi fares may be less expensive from the Peekskill Station (one stop before Garrison).

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