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Plebe Net is open for Parents of the Class of 2022 only.

Plebe-Net is a listserv (email list) intended to allow an exchange of information and support among the parents of the current Plebe class (New Cadets during Cadet Basic Training).

The members of this email list are Plebe parents/grandparents, moderators and a small number of parent mentors. When you join this email list, you will also be automatically subscribed to the The West Point Parents Net, which is an information only list all USMA parents should be a part of. Prospective candidates and parents (Classes 2023 and beyond) are invited to subscribe to Prospective Net, a forum specifically established to take parents and applicants from the early stages of considering an application and opening a file through seeking nominations, acceptance, preparation, and finally Reception Day (R Day).

All WP-ORG parents lists other than Prospective Net are for parents/grandparents only. The lists are NOT for cadets or cadet-candidates. It is important to note that one must specify with their subscription their relationship to a cadet. Misinformation will result in expulsion from the list, and releasing the subscription documentation to appropriate Academy personnel if the responsible party is a cadet.

The types of discussions that are allowed will be dictated by the members of the list. Opinions or comments must be becoming of a West Point Parent and the responses must reflect proper decorum. Periodic rule reminders by the moderators will be used to gently reinforce the list rules and as teachable moments for new members.

The provider of this service serves notice that opinions expressed within this list do not reflect the opinion of the provider, nor does the provider necessarily agree with them. If at any time a discussion within the list becomes, in the opinion of the list moderator(s), heated to the point where common decency and courtesy are lost, the moderator(s) reserves the right to end the discussion. 

Email messages posted to Plebe Net are sent as individual email messages to your computer at the email address you subscribe with.

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