Launching our semi-annual fund drive!

WP-ORG Members:

Today marks the launch of our 46th semi-annual fund drive (FD46), funding the operation of West-Point.ORG (WP-ORG) for the next six months. We’re in our 23rd year of this PBS-style fundraising approach. We believe that if we provide value to the grads, parents, cadets, and friends of West Point by helping to keep them connected through classes, societies, clubs, and other organizations, then we will generate enough goodwill and donations to keep it going. 

The past two months have been a challenge, unlike any other in our long history. WP-ORG was hit by a ransomware attack at the end of July 2019. Ransomware attacks have been on the rise in recent months, targeting many companies,mu nicipalities, and other charitable organizations. Ransomware does not result in theft of data. Ransomware encrypts data and restricts access to that data until a ransom is paid for a decryption key. WP-ORG did not pay a ransom. We were fortunate to have caught the attack early enough to save all of our data. It’s not likely that the attackers were interested in any of our data itself, just the potential for payment by encrypting it and holding it for ransom.

Having saved the data was only the beginning of the recovery, however. The attackers had gained entry through an unknown point in one of our many systems. Simply reloading the data into the old environment would leave WP-ORG vulnerable to a repeat attack. The only responsible approach was to rebuild every system from scratch. Through the significant efforts of our employees and volunteers, WP-ORG has been rebuilt. Most services are back online, but there are still many things left to do.

The extended time it has taken to bring some services back online has been frustrating. Please understand that the volunteers who make things work behind the scenes continue to work days, evenings, and weekends to bring every service back online securely and running on the most up-to-date software. We appreciate your continued patience.

Your donations to FD46 will fund operations for the next six months and enable us to complete the recovery work necessary to bring WP-ORG fully back online. We sincerely appreciate your support. 

Donation page linking to all payment methods (credit card, check or PayPal):

23802 Oscar Road
Spicewood TX 78669

        After entering Donation Amount, login to PayPal account. On next screen, please click on “Add special instructions to the seller”; enter class year and affiliation, and comment if you wish.

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Warren Hearnes ’89
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Author: Dian Welle