WP-ORG status update:

The change password tool is working, so you can now change your password from an old to a new one. You must know your current password to use this tool. If you need a password override, please write to feedback@point.org and we’ll provide you with a generic password, and you may change it to the password of your choice.

The password recovery tool is not functioning at this time. Please write to feedback@point.org and we’ll provide you with further instructions.

User admin pages (email routing) may now be changed, but at this time, only by WP-ORG employees. If you wish a change in your email routing, please contact: feedback@west-point.org

* FTP is in trial status. We have provided access to all who have requested it.
Contact feedback@west-point.org if you wish to update your personal, class web page (current class webmasters only), Society or Parent Club website.

For a full status report, please CLICK HERE

Author: Dian Welle