WP-ORG status update:

WP-ORG Members:

We hope that each of you are safe and secure during this outbreak and subsequent self-isolation period.

We know that many of you are impacted, if not by the COVID-19 virus itself, then by the economic repercussions that are rippling across our nation. As you’re probably aware, WP-ORG operates on donated funds collected every six months from those that find value in the services we provide grads, societies, parents clubs, and other friends of our nation’s oldest military academy. The planned budget from the October 2019 fund drive theoretically ran through March and we would have normally started Fund Drive 47 earlier this month. However, given the sacrifice that everyone is already making, the WP-ORG Advisors have decided instead to buckle down, examine every single expenditure, and stretch our dollars as far as possible – just as many of you are doing.

At some point in the future, we recognize that we will need to start that fund drive to keep WP-ORG serving everyone – but now is not the time.

Stay safe, help others in need, and focus on the things most important to you at this time. We’re here to serve in any capacity that we can.

Warren Hearnes ’89
for WP-ORG Advisors


For a full WP-ORG status report, please CLICK HERE


Author: Dian Welle