List of Hellship Voyages

Updated: February 13, 2012 (Changed departure date, arrival date, arrival port and number of POWs for #230 Tachibana Maru.  This information was provided and verified by James Bair.); September 15, 2009 (Deleted #666 Sekiho Maru - see #650 Canadian Inventor which is the common name for this ship.  The official Japanese name for Canadian Inventor was Sekiho Maru.  This information was received from Jim Erickson.)


1.  Where the exact departure date of a ship is unknown and only the year is known, the month and day are both shown as "01".  Where the month and year are known but not the day, the day is shown as "01".

2.  This page contains lists of voyages of Japanese-operated ships that carried Prisoners of War (including civilian slave laborers).  Since some ships made more than one voyage carrying POWs, those ships are listed more than once.

3.  The first chart lists the Hellship voyages in chronological order of departure dates.  The second chart lists those same ships in Alphabetical order of ship name.

4.  The Notes column includes information about many ship sinkings that happened after the Hellship voyage.  This information has been added because there was some confusion about whether the sinkings occurred during the Hellship voyage.

5.  Information on the Yuzan Maru was provided by Jim Erickson.  For more information on this ship and much more, see his new web site at

To see the list of Hellship voyages in chronological sequence of Departure Date, click Chart I. (Japanese-pow Listserv members should use this list to find a Hellship name corresponding to a numerical code number.)

To see the list of Hellship voyages in alphabetical sequence of ship name, click Chart II.