Research Facilities:


(1)    Please check before you visit a research facility on a military installation so that you will know what you must present before you will be allowed entry.  On most installations you will need photo identification for each person, driver's license, vehicle registration and vehicle insurance (it is better to carry the insurance policy rather than just the Proof of Insurance card).

(2)    The links below will take you to the on-line library of these organizations or their main web page.  The best use of your time may be to search the on-line library catalog and make written notes about the location of items that appear to be of interest to you.  Then when you get the opportunity to visit the facility, you can make more efficient use of your time.  Generally speaking, holdings in these research libraries may not be checked out; however, you can usually make copies of pages from most documents.  There may be exceptions for fragile items.  You can get pertinent information such as hours of operation and specific location from the web site.