POW Camp Photos

Updated: December 28, 2012 (Added item #5 below, from Annette Morgan)


a)  Items on this page have been submitted by descendants in hopes of assisting others in their search AND in hopes of learning any missing data including: names of the persons in the photo, the location or the date.

b)  Click on a "thumbnail photo" to get a full-size photo.  Then click on the "Back" button to return to this page.

1.  Cabanatuan - This photograph was provided by Nancy Kragh, daughter of Maj. Clarence White, who was Regimental Surgeon of the 31st Infantry Regt. on Bataan.  Picture is probably from Cabanatuan, date unknown.  The names are written on the back of the picture. Front row left to right: Maj. Raymond McKinley Williams (S), Lt. Col. W. R. Craig (B), Japanese Dr. Konishi, Lt. Col. W. Hinton Drummond (O).  Back row left to right: Maj. Harry Leighton VC (E), Maj. Clarence White (E), Capt. Charles Lewis (S), Maj. Karl H. Houghton (S).  All of the POWs are medical doctors except Maj. Harry Leighton who was a veterinarian.  Information provided by Karl Houghton on February 20, 2004 is annotated in parentheses after each name:  "S" = Survived to be liberated at the end of World War II, "O" = died on the Oryoku Maru, "E" = died on the Enoura Maru and "B" = died on the Brazil Maru.


2.  Wakinohama - These two photos of Wakinohama POW Camp in the Osaka-Kobe Group of POW camps in Japan were provided by Abel Ortega, Jr..  He made his copies of these photos at the National Archives.  This camp and Maibara (paragraph 3 below) were the last two camps his father (Abel Ortega, "A" Co., 192nd Tank Bn.) was in before being liberated.  In the left photo, see "PW" on the roof of a building near the railroad overpass.  Then you can see the fence around the POW Camp.


3.  Maibara - These two photos of Maibara POW Camp in the Osaka-Kobe Group of POW camps in Japan were also provided by Abel Ortega, Jr..  He wrote "the flags that were flying at the main gate were the ones that dad had designed and made from the B-29 parachutes."


4.  The following photos were provided by Sue Trout, daughter of 1st LT. Frankie T. Lewey, U.S. Army Nurse.  Lt. Lewey was assigned to Station Hospital, Manila; then to one of the General Hospitals on Bataan before she was sent to Corregidor and assigned to Station Hospital, Fort Mills which had been moved into Malinta Tunnel.  Following the surrender on Corregidor, she was interned at Santo Tomas until liberation.

    a.  "Angels" - This photo shows 63 "Angels of Bataan and Corregidor" on February 27, 1945 (3  weeks after liberation) at Letterman Hospital at the Presidio near  San Francisco, California.
    Courtesy of:  Lt. Col Walter J. Landry, Richard J. Seron, and Susan J. Trout
                        The Flying Column Writing Project

If you can identify any of the Angels in this photo, please contact Sue Trout at sjtrout1@earthlink.net.
Added data from Sue Trout on January 20, 2008 - Notice that one nurse (seated near the right and just left of two nurses kneeling at the right) has a very different uniform from the others.  She is Marie Adams from Aberdeen, Washington and was the head Red Cross nurse in the Philippines.


    b.  Photos taken about the time of the liberation of Santo Tomas University Internment Camp and Old Bilibid (both a POW Camp and a Civilian Internment Camp).

                The Battle at Far Eastern University (the view appears to be looking generally south

                Santo Tomas Liberation

                Liberated Americans at Santo Tomas University

                Just Rescued from Old Bilibid

                Old Bilibid Rescued by the 237th Inf. Div.

                Old Bilibid Hospital

                Japanese POW Camp Group

                Santo Tomas on February 7, 1945

                Women POWs Washing Their Hair

                68 Angels

    c.  Other photos provided by Sue Trout:

                Aerial View of Fort McKinley (apparently looking northwest)

                Camp O'Donnell

                Mariveles Cemetery No. 1

5.  This is Annette Morgan's story about her father Roy E. "Gabby" Hays, D Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment.

    Annette began recording her story on Christmas Eve, 2002 and later submitted it to Linda Dahl who posted it on her JAPANESE WWII POW Camp Fukuoka #17 - Omuta
web site.  Now, ten years later Roy has passed away and his wife, Vera, has donated certain items of Roy's memorabilia to the National Prisoner of War Museum in Andersonville, Georgia.  The items were personally delivered by Annette last month.  Annette wants descendants of the men of Fukuoka camp # 17 who signed the parachute fragment to know how they can see this very valuable Parachute Fragment.  Contact Annette at gabbyanddaughter@gmail.com for details.

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